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The NSX key

14 October 2001
San Jose, CA
There was a discussion on the Tech list about NSX keys and how some are difficult to cut properly. Among them is the special NSX key that's made from a nickel alloy.

Aside from getting the key cut properly, the condition of the key came up as well. Most have a dull flat matte finish to them. Mine was that way too. Well, I took some Blue Magic metal polish to the key a few times and it produced a very lustrous shiney finish. The polish is silicone based and leaves a silicone coating over it to maintain the luster. After three three years, it's still shiney. Two pictures appear of my key sitting in a custom NSX glass that my sister made for me.




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[This message has been edited by Vytas (edited 03 November 2001).]
You know you're among fanatics when the discussion turns on how to best polish the key
. Great pix!