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The Official 2018 F1 Thread

I'm not even going there!
Oops. Shouldn't have started this. Early baby boomer here.
I wonder what the average is for Indy cars and NASCAR viewers.
I saw my first sports car race when I rode my bike to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco in 1953.
I was in Laguna Seca in 65 and I saw Jim Hall Bring out the first winged car chaparral I saw a history being made I didn't even know that was my first one...
I'm amazed tender vitels really thought mad max would yield going into 130 r.....I think Daniel should always start at the back:wink:
I'm amazed tender vitels really thought mad max would yield going into 130 r.....I think Daniel should always start at the back:wink:

What he said.
funny but I used to root for Alfa back in the day...I liked underdogs and alfas...
so am I correct that fp1-2 is only live stream and qualy is on espn news channel and the race is on network abc:eek: what kind of scatter brained coverage for our home gp...I have comcast and trying to record this is like getting a pic of loch ness:mad:
Here in the OC area of CA, P1 and Qualy are on ESPNN and P2 and P3 are on ESPN3. Bastards!!
My Spectrum deal does not offer either channel.
DirecTV is doing P1, P2, P3 & Quali and they're re-running the race at 4:30PM Pacific. The only thing missing is the Pre-Grid.
WTF?!?!?!? I checked my DVR this morning. Scheduled was F1 COTA USGP FP3 and qualifying today and the race tomorrow. I just sat down to watch it and THERE'S NOTHING THERE. No recording. Nothing scheduled for tomorrow. And I understand ABC is broadcasting the race live tomorrow. But my local affiliate is broadcasting some bullshit 1/2 hour shows while the rest of the country gets the race. I AM BEYOND PISSED! It's being rebroadcast on ESPN at 7:30 tomorrow night so at least I set up to record that.

I did a search but did not find anything. Anyone know where I can view qualifying on demand?!?

EDIT: I found a 6 minute summary on YouTube.
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It's gonna be a great race... I can smell it -- almost taste it!
F1 TV maybe a work in progress and some dom'y enjoy Sky commentators, but it works. Plus I dropped cable in 2010 and never looked back. motoGP app is good, but I miss Nick Harris. I gave up on the WEC app.
Great race!
Kimi really deserved it!
Generally if you have cable with ESPN then you can watch live or archived with the espn app.

+1, what Jason said.

Suzuka was a pretty crazy/eventful race.

COTA was a really good race, too!

The Honda PU is looking better and better every weekend.
amazing win for the 39 y/o....and the drama continues to mexico...perfect script....and maxi was very smooth on those red tires.
yes on comcast you have to record 3 different espn's:eek: