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The Official 2020 F1 Thread

I want brawn and jenson back together:biggrin:
Now we have to keep this thread alive.

Can Hamilton tie Schumacher? Will Vettel strangle Leclerc in the locker room?
The tie, I think, is almost inevitable. The true question is will he surpass that lucky number.
For Vettel, in the words of Woody Harrelson's Tallahassee, "Time to nut up or shut up."

I want brawn and jenson back together:biggrin:
I do wish that Jenson had gotten another decent shot at a second championship.
OK, let look at the crystal ball for F1 2020 and beyond.

Lewis, will pass the 7 World Championships and go on to get another two at the very least before he retire. I also think that he will switch to the Ferrari team and will win one WC to prove a point. This guy want's to break and shatter all F1 records....and yes he can do this, as he is only 34 years old.
Keep in mind, where Lewis and his Dad started from and the journey they had toward their goal, in this ELITE Sport of Formula One, reserved for the RICH

Vettel, will retire next year, Charles will be the next Lewis Hamilton.

imho he was the last gentleman champion...
Verstappen with Red Bull till 2023.

Leclerc with Ferrari till 2024. (somehow I missed that one, announced in late December)
we will have to see whether any more marriages come under pressure in the 2020 season....
A lot of changes coming down the pipeline.

Also, Mercedes fired up the other day, as well.
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nothing like the love of a sports dad....a real rich one doesn't hurt....:wink: