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The Official 2021 F1 thread....

14 August 2005
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OK guys and gals, let's get started... gonna be an interesting year!
Will it be championship #8 for Lewis?????
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The rule changes for 21 are minor, so I expect Merc and Lewis to be leading the pack. Next year ie 22 is when the big changes are being introduce, so thing may change for 2022.

So yeah, Lewis onto WC #8

The rule changes for 21 are minor, so I expect Merc and Lewis to be leading the pack. Next year ie 22 is when the big changes are being introduce, so thing may change for 2022


22 will be very different, but I thought aero rules were changing. But Merc will still be the team to beat.

If Honda can put together a solid engine this season, they may have a chance.
My wish list for F1:

  • Ban all aero. You get a straight front wing and a straight back wing and you can adjust the pitch of each one. That's it.
  • Ban all telemetry except for safety-related functions. The only source of info about the car for the engineers should be the driver and what they can measure in the pits. I would expand pre-season testing to help make up for this.
  • Cap team personnel to a limited number. No more rooms of engineers sitting in a mission control during the race.
  • Ban tire warmers. The driver should have enough skill to manage the car until the tires get up to temp.
  • Ban brake cooling with those leaf blowers.
  • Return refueling. Drivers should not have to spend most of the race conserving fuel.
  • Return engine choice. Either 1.0L for turbo or 3.5L for NA. However many cylinders you want. Cap horsepower at 1,000 as measured on a FIA engine dyno.
  • Run cars on E85 for the "environmental" factor.
  • Ditch the electric motors- it adds enormous cost and makes the cars sound like hot garbage.

None of this will happen.
Interesting items for the FIA to consider. These would be on my list of things to band or add
- Added more testing days
- Introduce multiple tire suppliers
- Ditch the Hybrid set-up too expensive
- Add points for Qualification
- Budget cap for all teams
- Reduce or cap the number of Personnel a team is allowed to employ both on and off the track
- No restriction on number of gears
- No restriction on HP, however engines must be able to run for 3000 KM Min
- Bring back refueling, however each car is only allowed 80L of fuel per race
- Fridays should be set-up as a testing sessions, no restrictions
- Both front and rear wing needs to be reduced in size...more like the later 80's cars (mp4/4)
- No help for the Drivers from the pit wall or Engineer

I like the idea of allowing the drivers more decision making in real time. I also think that if F1 goes down the Electrification road trying to be ahead of the "inevitable" then they will just be above the already unwatched Formula E...
Hamiltons contract negitiations do not seem to be going too well at the moment. I think I'd be quite happy if his place was given to someone else. One of the best races of 2020 was when he wasn't racing!
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MB new investment company may pick up the cost of his demands. I'd like to see Russell get his seat, but probably a pipe dream. Lewis is very good for sure and like so many great ones father time will have its own way.
Well, no results in the past couple of years.....you can see these changes coming, as Renault now have a new Boss of this division.

Hamilton contract will be signed soon, and he would be onto his 8th WC this year. No big changes with the F1 rules until 2022, therefore no changes at the top.

We are getting close to the debuts of the cars.

Sounds like Hamilton and Merc are still a bit apart on the contract, will be interesting if they can’t get it done before the season starts. I saw him on David Letterman’s netflix show. Was a very interesting interview. He was very much different in a calmer setting than a race car.

And sounds like Red Bull will use the Honda engine next year, as their own engine.

Otherwise not much going on right now.
McLaren fired up their engine.

Carlos in red.

Sebastian's arrival at Alpine, sporting a new short haircut.

Road and Track has been doing some decent driver-by-driver previews to the season, each weekend is a different team.
All written by this guy so far: https://www.roadandtrack.com/author/13690/fred-smith/

I'll definitely be closely following the AlphaTauri team this year.
I think I'm more "invested" in them than Red Bull, actually. Was totally pulling for them last season.
Although, it'll be intriguing to see how Checo compares to and gets on with Max!

I think it's going to be quite an interesting year, overall!
So they're going to pay HAM what he's asking but just for one year...
So they're going to pay HAM what he's asking but just for one year...

Because he knows that with the 2022 rule changes he might not have the dominant car anymore. Russell's lap times in the Merc were revealing...
May I suggest he fancy's a go at Formula E racing after 22....
Well after Lewis wins his eight WC title this year, he can decide what records he can break next.

Anyone that crash an F1 car behind a safety car in the dry, have a lot to learn, also he did not even get a podium when sub for LH.