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The Official 2022 F1 Thread...

If I was writing a movie script, I would at the end give hammo 21 WC as punishment to RB since Maxi is already WC in 22...everyone wins...except the blowhards running the teams..
If I was writing a movie script, I would at the end give hammo 21 WC as punishment to RB since Maxi is already WC in 22...everyone wins...except the blowhards running the teams..
So the year that Schumacher was disqualified for trying to wreck Villeneuve, was Villeneuve ahead in points at the time, or was Schumacher? And wasn’t Ferrari and Schumacher stripped of all his points that season.

Probably too severe for the infringement, but it is a thought.

I’m not sure if giving Hamilton the 21 WDC would be fitting, but not sure it isn’t the proper resolution.
Some early reports state that the overspend was from misclassifying costs pertaining to catering, daily free meals for RB employees, and the mis-categorization of absent staff that are sick.

If true or even if not, I'm fairly certain the penalty will include a fine and maybe something like a reduction (commensurate to the overspend and a penalty) in the cost cap for RB for the next year(s).
Or maybe for the remainder of this season catering is reduced to hungry-man frozens...
Sheesh. The 2023 tire test session, which should have been FP2, was stupid boring. Those test sessions should be separate from the normal race schedule.
Well done to Alex Albon - will start P8 after engine penalties to others, and hopefully stay in the points come the chequered flag.
Sainz needs to keep his head, and let’s hope he doesn’t fall victim to a Ferrari tyre / strategy fiasco…
This is probably Hamilton’s best chance of a victory this season, especially if he gets a great start - same goes for Russell.
Usually, this circuit isn’t great for overtaking, so Leclerc, Perez and Alonso have a tough ask to get up to the podium positions…
Wow, that extended RB pit stop for Verstappen sure made it interesting. I thought for sure Latifi was going to crash on the last few laps.
I swear I was thinking the same thing! Watch Latifi have an effect on the outcome.
Haha...was almost positive he was going to do something. Did you see Tim Cook's checkered flag wave? Yikes.
From the COTA race: (forgot to hit enter)
Albon put in a great time, but his first few laps aren't usually the best. Hopefully he can stay clean at the start.
Announcers yesterday were talking about how the Mercs have the acceleration advantage over the other front runners so if Lewis gets a good start it will be interesting to see that run up to turn one. Should be a great race!

I was at a few races here and it's a great track for spectators, especially on practice and quali days. A general admission pass gets you access to all the corners, stands are 1/2 full up until race day, and you can sit wherever you like for most of the weekend.

MXC: Zzzzz. Love that Pirelli has no idea what the best strat is on any given weekend.
Mexico City was a bit dull, with the exception of Danny Ric really going for it. Just goes to show that as Superhatch says above, the Pirelli tyre choice was too conservative - the softest compounds would have been far better suited to this surface to introduce some excitement which was clearly lacking.
Finally a good sprint race start to finish for the most part. Front of the field to the back action all over! I hope the race tomorrow is as good as the sprint race was today!
Max looked as if he wasn’t interested after losing the lead - perhaps it was all about tyres for the GP proper…
George and Lewis looked hungry for a big points haul this weekend.
Well done to K-Mag for hanging on for a point.
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The GP itself was incident-packed, with early lap incidents, team orders and a first win for George Russell and a Mercedes 1-2.
Ocon and Alonso played nicely together at Alpine to get a reasonable points haul, but the same can’t be said of Red Bull and Ferrari - Perez wanted Max to give up a place when he was over 4 seconds in front, and Leclerc pleaded with the team to switch himself and Sainz around with a similar gap…
An interesting race, showing the best of Mercedes this season.
I really wish this was still the last race of the season, it's always so good.

To clarify the team asked Max 3 times to give up the place after he couldn't pass Alonso and considering how tight the 2nd place race is he showed a little bit of his character not giving up 1 position to the guy who helped him win the championship last year. Even staunch Max fans thought it was a bad look.