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The realization of a Dream

23 May 2001
Oswego, IL
Howdy all, I am a long time lurker on this board and I wanted to extend my thanks to everyone for all the great information that is available on this site. I just bought my NSX yesterday (1992, Blk/Blk, 42,000 miles)
This has been a long time in coming and I can hardly believe it is sitting in my garage. I got a great deal on this car, but I took some risks in the purchase. First, there is no maitenance history, it was bougtht at an auction. The title is clean, but I dont know who owned if before me. The transmission is also in the snap ring range. I have a couple of questions for all the smart people here.

1) The dealer gave me the option of buying an extended warrenty for the car for $1800. Normally, I would not considder this but since I dont know the maitenence history I am thinking about it. What do you all think?

2) Acura tells me that there computers are not hooked together so they can not search nationwide for the maitenence profile. Is this true, and if so, how might I go about getting an idea about the maintenance history?

Thanks in advance, I am off to do a little driving
Take care.

Congrats on the recent purchase!

I got extended warranties on both my (used) NSXs, mainly for my piece of mind.
- got my money's worth with my first (91 red/ivory) as they had to replace the A/C evaporator and some seals; then refunded the balance when I sold the car a year later
- did NOT get my $$ back from my second (93 silver/black)

There are some warranties that even cover consumables like pads, rotors, etc. Now THAT I would like to get.

For a 92 in snap-ring range, I'd have an experienced NSX tech check out your car. Whilst snap ring fixes can usually be goodwilled, at least in part, by the better dealers, the warranty would cover the balance.

Good luck, and enjoy the car.

Manuel C
93 NSX S/B #394
93 300CE
93 NH750
Congratulations on your new NSX!

The dealer is correct that they cannot search nationwide for service history on a car. Your only option is to try and find the area(s) in which the car was previously titled (CarFax can usually tell you this) and start making some calls to dealers nearby.

A good experienced mechanic can get a really good idea of the condition of a car if they spend a few hours really going over it.

It's impossible to make a recommendation on the extended warranty without knowing more. What is the duration? Is there a deductible? Is it comprehensive or powertrain only? What is excluded?

Snap ring failures are not goodwilled very often anymore, especially on multi-owner cars with decent miles.
Thanks for the info on the NSX club, I may drop buy on Monday. I had the NSX checked out today, the dealer was great (Continental Acura in Lisle). Not sure if the tech was certifed for NSX or not, but he knew a lot about the cars. He spent 2 hrs going over it and then spent 30 min talking with me and showing me a few things. He pointed out that the transmission was in the snap ring range, but felt that at 45k miles, I was probabley in good shape. The car checked out mechanically fine but there are a few small things with the paint that suggests that the car either was in a minor fender bender or someone bumped into it in a parking lot. I am not too worried about this stuff, I would grade the car as being in good, but not mint condition. Overall, I am very happy with the car. Look forward to seeing you all on Monday, take care.

Kevin I just bought a NSX under the EXACT same conditions as you did: 92, From a dealer(so it had gone through an auction). Tried to get maintenance history from a local dealer, couldnt get it. Went on carfax got last info > called dealers in that area, Florida, so there was many. Not one had any history. My Car is within snap ring range. I too was offered the warrenty, and not the type of person to buy one. But I did buy it because I was a bit unsure about the car. $4000 dollars worth of A/C and heating repairs later.BOY AM I GLAD I BOUGHT THAT WARRENTY!!!
Wow, I have noticed that several people have had some trouble with the A/C on the cars. How prevelant is that problem? My main concern for the car is/was the transmission. I may breakdown and buy the warrenty, but it adds a lot to the cost of the car. I plan to daily drive my NSX about 9 mo a year, so that is tilting me towards a warrenty.

My AC went out last weekend and I was worried due to the msgs I have read. Fortunately for me it turned out to be a bad connector. It took Larry Garcia of NSX Modified less than 5 minutes to dignose and repair my problem. Even better was he wouldn't accept any $ for doing this, just Tacos from Mario's
Buy the extended warranty (barring it being just generally worthless). I bought my 1991 with only 27,000 miles on it (all maintenance records), two years ago and I would have already saved money with an $1800 extended warranty between the clutch slave cylinder, passenger door window, door panel trim, and climate control unit.

My C36 had a transferrable extended warranty and I have already made twice the amount in claims as the original owners paid for the warranty and I still have 50,000 mile and two years left on it.

Logically extended warranties should not be a good deal for us, but everyone I know benefits from them. How they make money on them, I don't know. I will definitely be getting them on every late-model car I buy in the future.

Just my two cents...
If I had purchased an extended warranty, it would have been a waste of money. Nothing has gone wrong except for consumables not covered.

Just another data point...
How they make money on them, I don't know.

They invest the money and receive a return. So even if they pay out the entire amount you pay in the still receive the investment income. They are also insured themselves. Some companies are double or even triple insured to cover themselves. I got my warrenty through autoservicecontracts.com and I am very happy with it. If you don't make any claims for the duration of the contract they will refund you all you paid in except a 95 dollar admin. fee. So its a win win situation. Although they dont refund you the investment income they made on your money while they had it.
Hehe, well I broke down and bought the warrenty. The main reason is that it covers the window moters as well and the inspection showed that they are making a bit of noise and could go anytime
I have never bought an extended warrenty before, but In this case, I feel better about driving the car hard and not having to worry about anything for two years. By that time, it will have 60K miles or more and anything with the trans or the window moters should have happened buy now. If not, the peace of mind that my baby is protected is worth $1800. Thanks for all the replys.