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The ultimate NSX upgrade!

19 January 2003
:biggrin: We had a baby! :biggrin:

Yup, sure enough. Well my wife actually delivered the baby. I helped. I said push. She pushed. We had a baby.

She's incredibly, amazingly, super-duper adorable.

Just thought I'd share.

Oh, her name is Allison Kate. I'll probably call her Allie Kat.

Here's a picture.

NSX content... She seems to enjoy being driven about... I can't wait til I can take her for a ride in the NSX!
God Bless your family and thanks for reminding me whats important in life.

SHES AMAZING...sleep whats sleep you'll understand this shorty.
Beautiful girl! Now your life is complete! Enjoy!
When my eldest nephew was her age he likes to play with my face. Sometimes he sleep on my face. I don't mind, I love how baby smell (except poop) :biggrin:

Congratulation on the new baby girl.
That is awesome! Congrats! I remember when my son was born, one of the best days of my life. He is now 2 1/2 and is my best little buddy. I do have to agree with Bobolinski about the sleep.
Congrat's to you and your wife on a beautiful baby girl. Health, happiness and many, many years of joy to you all.
Amazing stuff,welcome to the newlyparent game!The dumps only get bigger :eek: