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They totaled my NSX!!

12 March 2001
Chattanooga, TN & TX USA
I added a post about a month ago asking for help locating a qualified NSX body shop in the Southeast... looks like that isn't necessary now. After 50 days of constant phone calls and loads of internet research (that I faxed directly to the insurance company) the insurance company has deemed our car to be a "total constructive loss". I don't know if we should be happy or sad. It was in the process of being sold (actually being test driven when wreck occurred) so I guess this was a quick sale for us. I will be posting all the VIN info on the salvage page but if anyone is looking for a good daily drive, this one is IT! The damage was minimal and only at the extreme back end of the car. I was just a very very persistent woman and I’m sure they wanted me out of their hair. I have several pictures if anyone is interested in seeing what an actual “totaled” 1991 looks like. They will be picking up the car this week and I’m sure it will be selling somewhere in the Southeast (we are just 2hrs. north of Atlanta). We’ve already made purchase on a new C5 Vette, but will probably be back in an NSX within the next few years. Ya’ll try to be nice to us on the road!!

Rena & Jon
’97 Red Corvette 6-speed
’94 Red Corvette 6-speed
Condolences on the NSX and congrats on your new Vette. I used to have a C5 as well.

Did the insurance company pay you the retail value of your totaled car? Or did they give you wholesale minus deductible and you lost a few grand on the car. Just interested. I'm always worried that my car may get stolen and the insurance company won't give me what I still owe the bank (just bought the car 2 months ago).

Enjoy your C5!
Were had just offered it for sale for $26,900. It needed some minor AC work (we had parts but had not had labor done) but would have taken $26,300. Miles were higher than average... it was a daily dirve. Insurance settled for $26,900 without any hesitation. The car was so well documented... everyting except for gas was logged and accounted for.
26,900!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes!!! That's about 10 grand away from what I'd expect for my 91 in the event of a loss!!!!! This is scary as hell. Please tell me it had 200,000 miles or something like that. I was just offered 37,000 wholesale from a buyer in my area. Jeez!

Todd Arnold

I paid 36 for my 92 w/ 70,000 miles. The condition of the car was too good to pass up and it had 3K in mods, plus awesome rims and stereo I would have spent out of my pocket anyway. I insured the rims for $3500 and the stereo for another $4000. It only added about $15-20 a month in payments. I'm hoping that will help offset a lowball by my insurance company in case my car is stolen.
Geico has a pretty good rep, so I'm hoping they live up to it in case of emergency.
I stuffed my '91 auto with 88,000 miles on it into a tree a year ago December. The insurance company gave me $33,500. I replaced with an imaculate red '91, 5 speed,
with 11,000 miles and Momo rims for $38,000. I was thrilled.
Rena & Jon's car has 103,000 miles.

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Originally posted by ilya:
I paid 36 for my 92 w/ 70,000 miles.

I know you guys are trying to make me feel like I didn't get a good deal with my insurance company but sticks and stones won't break my bones.(haha) The car does have very high mileage, 103,551 to be exact. The only after market addition was the exhaust. The air compressor for the AC had just gone out, and it needed new front tires. Here is the part that will blow your mind. We bought this car a little over 3 years ago and paid $32K. At the time of purchase it had 42,000 miles. We bought it in rural Alabama. Those small town markets just can’t move exotic cars. For putting that kind of mileage on that car I really think we got a pretty good deal. I’ve posted a couple of pictures of the damage on the totaled NSX page.