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Those HID light kits

9 May 2000

Its been a month and Ive been wondering if anyone knows if those HID kits were out yet?

If so, anybody get the chance to install one yet?
Apparently they've just come out, and Lud is going to be the first guinea pig to install them. I'm sure this will be the place to hear about how it goes!
Check out the just-posted http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/DIY/hid_install.htm

This is Doc Hartung's write-up. I have not gotten a kit yet - according to the AutoLamps site they will be available July 16. I'll definitely let you know how it goes! I have an idea or two for variations on Doc's install that I'd like to try, but I need to have the kit to see if they are feasible.
I have also ordered a set. I've been waiting for these for months! Apparently they'll be shipped in a week or so (on the 16th like Lud says) and then I'll start the install as per to Doc's instructions.
Thanks Doc for all your effort!

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They should be shipping today. Can't wait to hear back on how the install process goes. Out of curiosity, how many people here have ordered the Autolamps NSX HID kit?
I was looking at the HyperRev Japanese Magazine NSX issue this past weekend and noticed that all but the base model NSX come with HID Headlights. That being the case is it not possible to just order them from Honda Japan? Or have someone in Japan get them and send them over?

Remember that people drive on the opposite side of the road, so the beam pattern will be different. If NSXs in Japan, indeed have HIDs, then it should be a pretty easy replacement. Anybody else heard of HIDs on NSXs in Japan?
is it not possible to just order them from Honda Japan? Or have someone in Japan get them and send them over?

No, because they use a different beam pattern in Japan. In North America, we have left-hand-drive cars, and our headlights are designed to throw light ahead and slightly to the right, so as not to blind oncoming drivers. Japan has right-hand-drive cars and their headlights project light in a different pattern.

[EDITED to add the quote from the previous post to my response, because johndoh beat me to it and otherwise it sounded like the "No" was in response to his post. BTW I think it's true that some JDM NSX's come with HID headlights from the factory.]

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I have emailed Autolampsonline.com and have been told that they are waiting for some late suppliers to ship before they can send the kits out. I'm more than a little disappointed with this story, as I paid for my kit over a month ago.
Later that same day...

I was just contacted by Autolamps and have been told that they shipped today. I'll be posting soon to tell you how Doc's install went, and what I think about the overall headlamp upgrade.