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Thoughts on these headers!

Has any one used or heard anything about these headers. Based on how they look, will they produce similar gains to that of those who went from NA1 to NA2 headers?

thoughts and opinion much appreciated.

Correct they should preform like NA2 headers maybe a bit better,
As far i know they aren't to spec of TaiTec or SoS.

They are how ever tricky to install and require minor modification to the car to make them fit.
search 'topspeed headers' on here, plenty of comments on them. i've has a set of early style ones on my '92 nsx for 5 years... no problems!
Doesn't the fact that they claim it fits 95-05 3.2L NSX's make you leary?

*** Brand New TOP SPEED PRO-1 T-304 Stainless Steel Header W/TIG Weld *** New Bolts & Gaskets + New O2 Sensor Extension Wires included as show in Picture *** All Mandrel Bend Pipe *** All Edges are Ported to Ensure Smooth Flow *** Fits ACURA NSX 3.2L 95-05 Excellent Quality & Finish + Pricing ***
No issues on my '95... SOS did install. Much better breathing on the backside.