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Thunderhill high performance school

12 May 2004
Chico, Ca.
I just got back from thundrhill high performance school today and had a great time. It was the least amount of cars I have seen out there :smile:

I signed up at the last minute as I was just planning to watch my 17 yr old son in his RSX. To my surprise there were 10 to 14 in my C group!! I had the track to myself practicaly.

6 track runs and they also provided lunch, drinks, t shirt, at the end food and beer for $195 :biggrin:

I don't know want the low turn out was about but looking forward to the next one, what a great deal !
Hi Don!

I had a blast too.

You and your car were kicking butt on the track!

I know because you lapped me once.... =D

Sorry if my Chrysler 300 got in your way. =P
You need to bring your NSX next time and get rid of the boat :rolleyes: You were doing pretty good regardless.
Just think how much fun it would be with your NSX especially after you get used to it after a couple of events. After 2 or 3 events you loose that puckered feeling of thinking you'll wreck it.