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Thunderhill with the Lotus Club on 9/13/05

1 April 2002
Alameda, CA, USA

The cost is only $160 if you register early. I am planning on going to this one because I think there is only 2 run groups so there will be lots of track time. The cost of $160 is extremely cheap so if anyone is interested in taking their NSX out and really have some fun, please post so we can get a small group going.
I signed up earlier this week! I agree, for the $$$ it is a very good deal. I attended the last two GGLC events at T-Hill. If you want maximum track time you can drive in both run groups! :smile:

Re: Well, lookeee here; First post

A milestone; Alan has finally climbed out of his car and taken off his helmet long enough to say something. We've been waiting for this one for awhile. What next? Dropping by the Blue Note? ......or worse yet, public forum abuse of Big Al? :rolleyes:
Hi Super Sleuth

I am a little slow when it comes to computers. That's why it has taken me so long to post my first message. :wink:

Why don't you join us at T-Hill? You can bring out your Ford Pinto and show us how to drift. :biggrin:

Hrant is already doing a great job when it comes to public forum abuse of Big Al. I will just watch from the sidelines.

Re: An A for Effort

Allen, that's a very well put together response. Not one typo or gramm-o in there. And in this day and age, that's saying something. Computers ain't so tough, they just take a little practice. Like sitting at the piano at closing time, you can just experiment and have fun with it, as long as you're just having fun at Big Al's expense. It's usually weeks before he finds out; busy I guess. I hear you're a smart :cool: guy and will soon work up to sniping snipetts at Big Al. Don't want to take the big guy on mano-a-mano like Hrant does. :redface: As you probably know, Hrant takes on lawyers, big corporations and such all the time, so verbal arm wrestling with Big Al is just relaxation, I suspect.

But hey, if you don't like computers, how about a sleazy old yellow legal pad? Simple, reliable, no batteries, folds up in your pocket, only needs a carpenter's pencil, no mouse and never an upgrade required. Drop by the Blue Note and I'll show you how to use one. And truth be told, you might need a little instruction. :rolleyes: Your mention of me having a Pinto? Ooops. I've got the Integra and if you're poking around in the cobwebs of your NoSexPo 2003 memory banks...................hey wait a minute. :confused: ..........your profile here in my yellow pad says you weren't here 2 years ago............so you must've been reading the Exposing NSXPO thread where Kirk tells us all about having a Pinto. Is that it? Well, that's OK, I'll give you an A for Effort, :tongue: so if you wanna be a Junior Sleuth, c'mon down, I got a badge for you along with a legal pad and some other sluething props. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, might have one problem.............profile indicates you're pretty clean cut and upstanding. Probably don't smoke, never had a Schlitz or swig Jack Daniels out of the bottle. Hmmmmmmmmm, what to do? Well, like Guy Noir and that Sacto chapter Mr. Fun, gum-shoes come in all shapes, colors and sizes, so we'll work with whatever you bring, 'cause we're inventive down here at the Note.

Well, time to hit the rack............too much fun last nite and even the sunrise on the TV news is blinding. C'ya
Allen Shim said:
I signed up earlier this week! I agree, for the $$$ it is a very good deal. I attended the last two GGLC events at T-Hill. If you want maximum track time you can drive in both run groups! :smile:



I think we met at one of the meets :cool: , yes you get plenty of Track time with the Lotus Club and pricing is very affordable :smile:
Sept 5th is the last day to pre-register for only $160. After that, it will be $180 so if anyone is thinking about going, they should act fast. See you there!