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Tie Down & Tow hook removal discussion anyone?

23 January 2006
First, folks that drive their car normally and are not crazy about eeking the last ounce out of their car, please don't read. This is for weight NUTS that are willing to sacrifice well thought out and functional OEM designs: I'm really wondering if I need those heavy STEEL tie-downs. For fastening the car to a flatbed for towing, the risk to using the a-arms for tieing down seems very very small, especially if you are not unconsious. If you are on a gurney at the time the toe driver does his thing, sure he might bend an a-arm, but with the fairly fragile NSX, in that case the car is probably toast. I'm thinking the car in a ditch could be a problem as the a-arm would stand a much better chance of getting bent while the car needs little repair. Really depends on the toe guy. Regarding the toe hook, I don't see the need for it on the street, although it would be great for the track. The front skid plates? I like the idea of them, but maybe remade in CF or aluminum? Any comments? (I know-why aren't I driving right now?)