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Timing Belt Failure

26 May 2001
Cape Canaveral, Florida
I have a 1993 NSX with 65K miles. I think the replacement recommendation is 5 years or 80k. Has anyone had a failure, and if so what age/mileage? Has anyone gone more than 8 years or 80K miles without replacing the belt?
The recommended replacement interval is 90,000 miles or 6 years, whichever comes first.

I replaced the timing belt and water pump on my '91 last year, after 9 years and 39K miles. I think this is something that wears more based on miles than on years, but the question then becomes how long you feel comfortable extending the period beyond the recommended 6 years.
Originally posted by Slingshot:
Has anyone had a failure, and if so what age/mileage? Has anyone gone more than 8 years or 80K miles without replacing the belt?

AFAIK there have been NO failures yet.

I think the general consensus is DEFINITELY do it if you are approaching the mileage recomendation
Actually, I think the book say 6 years or 60K miles, but it either way you are due. Naturally their figures are very conservative because there is no sense in them taking such a huge risk. But the same could be said of us.

I did my 93 last year and found that the belt was like new even when bent backwards (test for dry rot), but the water pump had a whine not yet detected when running. It's possible a previous owner had replaced the belt, but I doubt it since the cover and pump were both the old style.
I have a 91 with 27k and have not replaced mine as of yet............. I'll be sure to let you know if I become a failure statistic.

Todd Arnold

I replaced the timing belt on my '94 a few months ago with only 25k on the odometer. MYywater pump was leaking, and per the advise given here I did a new belt too. The old belt showed no signs of wear, but then again I am a proponent of preventitive maintanence.

It's very difficult to guess when something will fail, but the cost of replacing a belt and water pump is much cheaper than an engine re-build.

Just my $.02
Wow...and I thought I was a garage queen! Based on replies to date, I have the highest mileage with no replacement and NSXTASY the longest calendar of nine years. I experienced similar inspection results on my Accord, that after 10 years and 100K miles the mechanic said the old belt could not be distinguished from a new belt...even the printing on the belt was like new. I just don't believe in overkill and if I average 5K miles a year, I could go 5 more years without a replacement for the 90K maintenance. And if I worked by the calendar, then another belt would already be due.
I just changed mine for the first time last year. it's a 1991 and has about 70K miles on it.

The old belt still looked almost new. no signs of wear or rot. Water pump was in great shape too.

did it to sleep better at night.
During the River Run a couple years ago, the T-belt failed in a turbocharged NSX driven by Buzz Clark (who seems to have disappered!). It trashed his engine, but I recall that his extended warranty company covered it.

Yeah, so I just replaced mine @ the 8 year mark...

Don Gallo
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