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Tire balancing FYI......

4 December 2000
Cary, NC
Some of you guys may already be aware of this, but for those who are not...I just had new rear tires put on my NSX at a local tire shop....The service manager loved my car and invited me to take a look at their new Hunter balancing machine (it's one of three in the state right now)...The machine uses mounting hardware that matches hub weight and lug patterns for virtually every vehicle on the road...During the balancing process, the equipment checks sidewall stiffness/flex and tire and rim roundness. It can actually pinpoint whether the rim or tire is out of round. A roller is used to apply road pressure during the balance and the video display indicates exactly where to place the weights. The machine can also be programmed to avoid placement of any weights on the outside of the rim....Basically, if you have had vibration problems, you may want to locate a shop with this new equipment..The service mgr. told me that several dealers in the area were sending them their problem vehicles...My results: Tested up to 130 and it was rock solid.

I have heard about these machines. I understand that they can compute the imbalance and actually recommend a weight split among two spokes to get a perfect balance and stick the wieghts behind the spokes, Very cool

WheelTec here in Miami, Fl has the same Hunter machine. They are the ones who balance and mount my tires on my HRE's every 5k-8k miles. Excellent machine.
The equipment is Hunter's GSP9700 Vibration Control System. To learn more about the equipment or to locate a location that has the machine by zip code go to www.hunter.com
(it's one of three in the state right now)...

Are you sure? I entered Cary NC 27511 and it shows 37 of them within 50 miles, including four in Cary itself.

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Maybe I misunderstood what the service mgr. said...His info may also have been dated...It's encouraging to see that more and more shops are updating their equipment.
Custom Alignment are very good. They have extensive knowledge in almost any cars. They really take time to align, test drive it, and do more fine tuning depending what r u looking for. U can just tell them if u want your car to turn in better, or to make it oversteer a little bit or such. They do a lot of race cars. And they are very experience. Talk to Joe, if u need more info.

Also, they do corner weight.
yeah i got my car corner weighted and aligned there bout 4 months ago. They are really good @ what they do and take their time in doing so. I had kevin did my car and even asked me to come back for a free checkup to see if my alignment changed after driving. good stuff here. Just wanted to recommend it to ppl in bay area =)