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Tire recommendations

26 February 2000
San Jose, California, USA
I'm looking to pick up a '93 NSX with very low tread down in Arizona. I am planning to drive it up to SF Bay Area California where I live. What tires and precautions should I take before making the trip. This would be the first NSX for me to own, and I have never made the trip before.
I'd recommend putting some new tires on it before you drive home if the current ones are almost bald.

It's probably easiest to start with the OEM tires and if you decide you don't like those you can change brands next time you replace them.
Where can I buy the OEM tires? I looked all around the internet and struggled to find who carried them. I will have to request the current owner to get them installed in AZ before I go down there.
If you get the chance you might try Pirelli P-Zero Systems tires. I added them to my highly modified BMW 3 series convertible when I upgraded it to "M" status before they inported it as they do now. I was amazed at how well the P-Zeros worked. Not sure how they are for the NSX. I have had my Y2K NSX for only a month now, so I don't need a new set of tires yet, but the P-Zeros are on the list to try. Anyone else tried them?

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51
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