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Tire Upgrades

14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I am currently running 17"/18" wheels and tires with 215/40/17 fronts and 285/35/18 rears. I'm thinking of changing the fronts to 235/40/17. Is this too large a tire and will I get accessive rubbing in the front fenders?

I have posted the same question before and quite a few pepople are running 235's in the front. They are claiming that it rubs inside the inner fender well on a full lock turn, but other than that, they are claiming that they notice improvement in the handling.

Someone even suggested to pound the inner well with a hammer to get rid of rubbing.......well, I don't know about that.

Anyway, I got a good deal on Yoko AVS Sport's so I've picked up the 235's & 285's (which has been sitting in my warehouse for 2 friggin month) to go with the ADVAN wheels which should arrive from Yokohama anytime now.
I will try to post some pics when I get them installed.
I've used 225/45/16 in front and my car is lowered with H&R and Koni. Not only when I turned lock to lock that it rubs. but also when I went over a hump or getting to driveway. It rub on the inner fender liner. Not damaging to the tires. But sure wear the fender liner out. And the noise, it just irritating!! 235/40/17 is slightly bigger (about .75 inches)