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To any Supertrapp exhaust owner


Experienced Member
13 May 2000
Lake oswego, OR
I purchased a Supertrapp exhaust almost 6 months ago and have been constantly modifying it to suit my needs. The one thing I absolutely CANNOT figure out is this strange sputtering noise that occurs under low RPM high load situations. It also sounds like a dying wheezing goat when you let off the throttle.
At first I assumed this was due to a slight leak in the muffler portion at the connection between the tip assembly and muffler assembly. I had a machine shop weld on a flange on each end and used one of those copper liquid gasket thingies. It seems sealed up and I can feel no leaks from any of the joints but it STILL makes that terrible sputtering/hissing sound.
Has anyone else had this experience? Is there something fundamentally wrong with all the Supertrapps?
And also, the exhaust burnt up the packing material and nearly jammed up the diffuser plates. Any suggestions on this? I currently have no packing material.