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To G-Man

21 April 2000
Vancouver, Canada
hey hey,
After reading a lot of your posts, i realize that you are REALLY REALLY into your NSX (to say the least). Man, when I get my NSX, i'm sure I'll love it as much as you do. Anyhow, I was looking around on eBay, and since you REALLY like Spa Yellow, why don't you get a scale model of a Spa Yellow NSX in you office or you car or something. Just a thought, cuz i've seen some ppl do this with other cars, and personally I think its quite cool.


P.S. Your POTM is my desktop screen.


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I've been chatting with G-Man and he's definitely a good one to share enthusiasm about the NSX with. I got mine around the same day as he did and feel exactly as he does about the car (if not more so)!

I do have a 1/18 scale red NSX model sitting on my computer monitor at work, accompanied by various desktops of the NSX (I've cycled through four since getting the car). The only problem is that my model NSX is a '91 duotone (red with black roof) and my REAL NSX-T is a '00 that's red all over. Painting the model isn't going to help since the rims aren't the same...I guess I'll have to find a more updated model.

And, to top it off, I built a virtual NSX model in 3D Studio MAX. Now THERE'S a REAL fan!
hey hey,
Yea, I recently ordered a 1/18 scale NSX Type S in Pearl White. I was actually looking around for an NSX Type R (My favorite), but they're wayyyyyy too expensive because they don't make em anymore. As for the duotone..i kinda like that better...And i have no explanation why...I just do.
And as for being a hardcore fan, yes, i guess we all are of the NSX.
But before i was a big NSX fan, i was a HARDCORE Toyota Supra MK4 fan. I'm sure i had one of the biggest collections of pics:
31 megs, about 500pics (not including movies)

EndLeSS: Thanks for the vote of confidence about my "enthusiasm" regarding my new 2000 NSX. I have driven litterally everything and I have purchased 8 cars in the last 5 years alone. I have been searching for the ultimate extension of both my personallity and my stratospheric performance requirements. I was a week away from a yellow 1999 Ferrari 355 last year when I decided to get an NSX instead. Not wanting to buy a 1999 mid year I opted to wait. It took me almost 9 months to locate a car and then 1 month just to work out the deal to buy it.

Like Akira3d, I have waited long and worked hard to be able to afford this obvious extravigance in my life. Driving the NSX as much as I do sure makes up for many of those 16-18 hour days that are manifested in ever last inch of the car.

As far as the 1/18th scale model, I already have one. In fact, I have one of every car I have ever had. Normally, I buy the Model, then stare at it all year while working my ass off and then go out and buy the real thing. The 1/18th I have is VERY RARE and is EXACTLY like mine. It is made by KYOSHO of Japan and is detailed right down to engine bay sticker locations, the "ACURA" logo on the hood and the grey felt carpeted trunk. Really kind of cool. The only one I have on my shelf I haven't managed to buy yet is a Ferrari F-50. I am not so sure that there aren't better things to do with that much money.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51 Yellow/Black
[email protected] http://www.g3.com