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To Moderators: Restoring Tamoske's account

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28 June 2005
Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, CA & Bangkok Thaila
Dear Moderators,

I think there should be consideration of restoring Tamoske's account. I've had a long conversation with him and seems he has got caught up in a similar misfortune as me. Getting our accounts frozen from a fraudulent vendor. I think his case should at least be heard and considered.

I've been a honest member here on Prime and I've purchased all my parts and cars here that are NSX related. Besides Ross, everybody who I have dealt with has been a good person. There are some misunderstandings and information left out on some products I've purchased, but I chose not to make a big fuss about it. I hope between reasonable people, resolutions can be made in the interest of all parties. Despite some bad occurrences, I did meet a lot of interesting people here on Prime and it is my community of choice in comparison to the other car communities I joined. Honda-Tech is also a good community. I learned so much from the resources and members here and I am happy overall.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Stick-e-rice (Ton)
You really have issues with judging character. Tamoske's a scammer and should never be allowed back!
P.S. your account didn’t get “frozen by a fraudulent vendor” and neither did Tamoske’s account. He was a scammer here and on the European boards and on Ferrari boards and on lambo boards etc. etc. etc.

Tamoske merely was banned all over the world.

Vendors have no power to “freeze” accounts.
Not open for further replies.