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Too good to be true???

19 May 2003
Temecula, CA
I found a 95 blk/blk with only 28K miles for only $28.9K :eek: on AutoTrader and it's local So Cal seller!!! I tried to call the phn # but got an automated voice mail message and no return call :mad: Prolly just another scam like the $9000 and $11,500 NSX's that were on there recently...At least this one had a more reasonable price...Like I said < Too good to be true> I knew something might be fishy when there was no VIN # in the ad....
Maybe there's no engine inside? j/k hehehe. It doesn't seem like those scam based on the price, but maybe something is wrong w/ the car for the reason of the low price.
i saw that one. didnt it have 67k miles? anyways the car is sold. and it think it did have a salvaged title. would have been nice if it wasnt salvaged. the guy lived like 3 miles from my house and i called him right when he was in the middle of selling it. but it was salvaged.