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It's great to have Top Gear on tv here, but I miss the flow of the UK version. It seems "dumbed down" for US consumption. I miss the following things:

-music while the Stig drives
-the shots at the US (even though I live here, they are funny)
-the full speed board
-the relaxed air of the UK broadcast
now why would an american car need a G meter.... ;) :rolleyes:
Awesome - I logged into tv.msn.com and just programmed my Media Center to tape it from work. God I love the Media Center with remote programming access! Unfortunately - I only have 2 tuner cards right now so Alladin had to go! Don't tell my kids!!!!!

This is the best car show period and even my wife enjoys the humor (in small doses). Thank you so much for the heads up!
UK version

That’s good news. In case anyone is interested in the UK version...

The UK episodes used to be available at finalgear.com. High-quality videos of each episode were posted online shortly after they aired on TV. All you needed to download was a BitTorrent client. However, the BBC caught found out and told the guy running the site to cut it out.

It’s still very easy to download them: Just search for "Top Gear" on mininova.org.
Re: UK version

I've seen a couple of episodes. I was in car tv heaven last night... First watched Speed for a while then went to discovery and watched the top gear episode. Awesome! Wish it was in high def! Great show. Loved the exige bit where he was tearing it up! Looked like tons of fun. So did driivng in that sand.

Just checked the schedule and the indestructible toyota truck episode is going to be on July 27. I've seen that before. It's AWESOME! A definite must see!!!!!!! They beat the living snot out of this truck and the darned thing just won't die. You won't believe what they do to it!