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Top speed?

22 February 2000
vancouver canada
I bought a used nsx few months ago and I had no idea whether the computer's been modified or not, but some friends of mine said the computer isn't the factory one because the second gear can go 135km and last time I tried the top speed can go 260 and still keep going due to the bad wheather condition so i stopped.
can anyone see if the comp's been modified or not from what I'm saying?
Top speed in second gear has nothing to do with the computer. It's dictated by the gear ratio.

None of the NSXs in North America are electronically speed limited. All of the manual transmission cars should do 160-170 MPH. 260 kmh is about 162 mph.
I've had mine up to 160 mph when the interior speed limiter kicked in: My wife said,"Okay, that's enough." But she felt like she still had some more left in her. The car, that is, not my wife.