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Torn CV boot on the passenger rear shaft? Is this common with NSX?

27 October 2004
How common are torn CV boot on the passenger rear shaft in NSX? My 92 NSX has 26k miles.

I am suspecting this might be the case in my NSX or worst yet, could be CV joint. I was clearning out various invoices out of glove compartment, and noticed there is "RIGHT REAR CV BOOT TORN" text typed on the oil change receipt from 2 weeks ago.

I have had several oil change, timing belt/water pump, 90k service, + various items done in the past 2 years, lowering spring, cam plugs, etc done. Why no one has pointed it out to me all this time?

There are zero noise 99% of time, absolutly no noise turning left or right, except it does rattle when I idle off the line without giving any gas, and rattle lightly in 1~2 shift. Basicly If I rock my car back and forth, I get a clicking sound from the rear sounds like a rocking chair. During smooth take offs there is no rattle or noise. Anything less than smooth, will creat this clicking sound.

This rattle noise has always been there ever since I purchased the car, tried very hard to address this issue, had Acura dealer inspected the motor mount, tranny mount, they said it is normal. Consulted good NSX independent shop, same exact answer.

Could it be bad CV joint? if so, how big of damage/repair cost should I expect?

Thanks in advance
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The clicking sound could very well indicate a bad CV joint. As far as being common on the NSX.... EVERY CV boot will eventually split.

Shame on the mechanic who didn't inform you of the rip in the boot earlier.
Torn CV boot? Is this common with CV boot? YES!!!!

i would'nt worry too much, as i had a horribly torn inner right boot,
upon axle removal , & reboot[ha!] [ btw do both boots!.....], no damage to

i look at the geometry of rear vs front, & concluded that wear
potential was far worse to the front[ vis'a'vis turning...]
note: i am not a honda mechanic, nor flame resistant.

just do it :wink:
Wether this clicking sound is the CV joint or not, you need to repair the boot ASAP. The problem now is with teh boot torn the joint has no grease and is exposed to road dirt. VERY BAD. If the joint is OK now, it will surely be bad if you leave it.

Did the dealer reset the motor mounts?

I had the same thing happen to me. I found a torn boot on the inside driver's side. Then upon further inspection I found a pinhole leak in the inside passenger's side. I then noticed I also had a pin-hole leak in the outside passenger's side.

I was getting no clicking at all and since I check these things over frequently I found it while the grease was fresh (meaning the CV joint had not been w/o grease for a long period).

I had all 4 boot repacked and replaced. If I were you I would:
1. Throughly check the other 3 boots. Look for a line of black grease along the same plane of the boot. The tear in the boot will not always be apparent. If you see splatter, the boot is likely torn badly.
2. If one boot is torn, have both boots on that axle replaced. The other boot is sure to follow.
3. Do not drive the car except to the shop to get it fixed. Replacing all 4 boots cost me $500ish. I understand that new axles cost a lot (read about $800) and you will still have to pay for install.

I have been running fine for over a year with the replaced boots and no clicking.

Good luck