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Touch up paint

11 December 2008
Where does one get touch up paint for a 1992 GPW NSX?
My research shows the paint code is NH565.

I can not find this paint on any acura parts website. However, it does show up on the honda website, but for the 2008-2009 s2000. Would that be a correct match?

I have seen other NH565 offerings online, but not from honda. Are those "non-OEM" sites reputable?

What have people used in the past?

For touching up small chips on both my NSX and S2000 I use a non-oem product called Dr. Colorchip.
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I'd recommend having a clear bra installed on your car if you haven't already done so. Dr. Colorchip works well but nothing beats the chip prevention offered by the clear bra film. Expensive but worth it.