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tough times....lost job

30 June 2004
Edmond, OK
So this past Thursday, I lost my job because of cut backs. I've been a web hosting systems admin for the last 12 years and with this last company for close to 6+ years. In talking to others online, it seems that more and more people are losing their jobs now than gaining employment. I thought this country was finally in the up swing of getting back on its feet, but it actually seems to be the exact opposite. Sadly, I didn't see this coming, nor did my co-workers and it caught all of us by surprise when I was let go.

In looking around out there, there are some jobs, but most companies are looking to pay very little no matter your experience level. They need help, but don't have the cash to pay the comfortable salaries people used to be worth.

For any of you working for corporate america, don't think you are safe. It could happen when you least expect it. Prepare yourself and save every penny you can during this time. You never know if you might find yourself unemployed and having to cover your expenses for an unknown amount of time.

Sadly, my future 2013 NSX purchase is probably pushed back even further now. It will come, but I've got to get back on my feet first. I have the best wife I could possibly ask for and she's doing all she can to help us in this time without complaint. I'm truly blessed to have her.

Time to get back to the job search.... :frown:
I'm very sorry to hear of this. :( Best of luck with the job search, and thanks for the words of wisdom. Bless your wife for being so supportive.
I certainly understand what youre saying... A few years ago my company was doing some cutbacks (Q1/09). I was in a good position as they put me to work in another division for 5 days a week while paying me the severance and a weekly check until a permanent job was found.

I found a contract position for well under my "then" salary. and while in that one landed a permanent position. Jobs are out there if youre willing to work. Unfortunately like you said few are actually paying what you were used to.

It is now 3 years later and I am still not at the salary I was at. I hope to get there with this round of raise in august but know its a slim chance.

Life was a lot more comfortable then, but times change and I had to adjust as well. I still work a regular job, and I also drive a commercial truck on my off time to make a few extra bucks.

I wish you luck and hope you get something soon
Sorry to hear that man. It's scary out there. I have a new IT manager and I've never felt more at risk. 13 years here and I wouldn't be surprised if I got let go tomorrow.
Good luck to you.
I am sorry to hear that from anyone. I understand as I was stressed when I was in job search mode. It has been a roller coaster ride for me, so to speak. Craigslist's job posting usually sucks interns of salary but they have jobs available if you are desperate. I found my last two Engineering jobs from Craigslist. They pay the bills.

Good luck to you and your job search.
Well at least you're in a solid sector and I'm certain that you will be able to find something. Web hosting is a pretty tough niche as there are many places that do it at cutthroat prices. I'm sure you still have fundamental skills that would be valuable at either enterprise IT or service providers. Remain confident, things will work out.
Good luck to you. I was also laid off, I kept myself afloat finding freelance IT work by pounding the pavement, answering craigslist ads, etc. I sent out hundreds of resumes over an 18 month period. After maybe only 15-20 phone interviews and 5 or 6 in person interviews, my friend left his job and told his boss to hire me. It's an entirely different industry than I've ever worked in, and it's really outside the box, but I am learning a ton which I love to do. As far as salary, I make about 60% of what I was earning in 2009 and my commute went from (riding a bicycle) 7 miles to 50 miles, so my commuting costs have gone way up both in costs and in time. It sucks, but you do what you have to do. I wish my wife had more than minimum wage earnings potential. I keep telling her while the kids are in school, use the time to chase some of her dreams. I'd rather her do that and be happy than having her bust her butt to bring in a couple hundred $$ paycheck each week and hating what she does.
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your wife is awesome, make sure you tell her that often, and try and do those little extra things to show her she is
but only one income does hurt the the man pride a little.
dont worry something will come up.
I lose sleep sometimes thinking about the " what IF"
and if push came to shove I would do what ever it takes to pay for the roof
food, bills, car payments.
mowing grass etc. nothing is to low as long as you provide.
Im a Computer Consultant and I know what you mean about the pay doesnt match the years of experience and MCSE doesnt mean shit anymore.
its sad. but in asia they are dying for I.T. certified guys. money hand over fist
they have 9G over there, we only have 4G cuz 9G is to close to military communications, so we think we are super fast at 4G LOL we are below the world average. they pay something like $0.67 a month for unlimited data and phone coverage its sick how American companies rob and give nothing back to hard working educated people, while the government rewards and hand free money for doing nothing, all they have to do is cash their check every month.
makes me sad.

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Yes losing your job sucks and having similar jobs are not paying as much sucks even more. You can take on a long fruitless job search or just take what ever you can get for now, make some money and wait for the market to improve.

I know if I loose my job a replacement will be at about 50% of what I make now so I try to always live beneath my means so I don't get caught short.
Thanks everyone. Shawn I know what you mean in your last sentence. That is a sore subject with me too. Get into the system, don't work and pop out a ton of kids because each one gets me a bigger handout.

I used to do consulting work with a local company 7-8 years ago. It was going all over town fixing computers, virus removal, setting up SOHO networks, etc. That gig paid the company owner pretty well. If I could figure out how to get some customers, I would start up my own consulting company doing that.
"I thought this country was on the upswing". Not according to the majority of CEO's polled. Their consensus is that the near future will get worse and that 2013 will not be any better.
Good luck with the job search. Take anything you can get and build from there. This economy may take a long time to improve.
I used to do consulting work with a local company 7-8 years ago. It was going all over town fixing computers, virus removal, setting up SOHO networks, etc. That gig paid the company owner pretty well. If I could figure out how to get some customers, I would start up my own consulting company doing that.

That is a great idea everyone is looking for a computer guy to help them. Get some business cards printed up and start making the rounds of local businesses.
That sucks! Very sorry to hear this :(
good luck in your search; I hope you a better paying job but also one you enjoy even more. :)
Really sorry to hear the bad news, seems like it is a part of life now days. It can leave you quite shaken with more uncertainties than answers. I have been fired, and laid off, and resigned. Each time it friggin hurts. You will definitely bounce back from this. It is just a short detour on your journey. Good men are hard to find, some one will pick you up soon. Keep the faith, and stay in touch.
I sympathize. I have been out for 8 months now. I was a Technical Project Manager for HP Networking(contract W2, they rarely hire anyone full time these days). Can't find anything in my salary range or they want umpteen certificates as a minimum requirement. 14+ years experience in the IT industry(9 of those in management) doesn't seem to matter any more. Referrals also don't seem to carry the weight they used to.

Employers seem to be mixing job descriptions on top of that. They want one person to be a Senior everything. ie. UNIX, Windows, DBA, Programmer, Network, etc. Those used to be separate jobs. My take on that is if you needed major surgery, would you make your general practitioner perform the surgery or would you go to a specialist?

Good luck in your job search it is really tough out there. I have never been our of work this long in my life. A lot of people I know are in the same situation(more than I have ever seen in my lifetime).
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Sorry to hear about your job. You are not alone. I'm a manufacturing engineer and working with this company for over 13 years. And now they are going to move 100% of manufacturing jobs to Singapore. And it's very SUCK for us that we have to train for those people who take the jobs away from us. Good luck for job search.
I would suggest trying to be focus and become productive as soon as possible.

In addition to being open minded about taking jobs 'below you', look for that 'niche' market where the pay is as good or better. You will also feel better about yourself since you will feel that you are 'growing' professionally and personally.

For example, since you said you're in IT, maybe look into solidifying your skill sets in web security. There are quite a bit of jobs out there for that. Lots of good resources on LinkedIn and I'm sure you're aware of sites like indeed.com.

Good luck.
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Thanks guys. I'm glad I'm not alone in this, but sad at the same time that so many are there with me too. I have some medical issues (back related) that puts a twist in me being able to take or be eligible for any job. I'm trying to utilize all my local connections and also looking at work at home type jobs. Hopefully a perfect fitting job will come around soon. Good luck to everyone looking at this time.
I am in the video game industry and it seems like every month a company shuts down. It's total bs that we are on a up swing.
Sorry to hear, good luck

Shawn, what the heck is 9G?

China Mobile is still in their trials of 4G/LTE equipment and are reaching bottlenecks because the rest of their system needs to be upgraded and SoftBank Mobile in Japan just launched their first LTE TDD network.

I thought I would share a little bit of my personal history both for you who
have lost your job and those who might. It was May 9th 1983 @ 4:35pm
I was called into a high tech firm in Silicon Valley and told by the President of the company that I (Director of Mfctr and the VP were being let go). It was a sleazy move made by the President to appease the bank. It was the worse period of my life. My home was destroyed by a mudslide a month earlier.
The month before that my longterm girlfriend left to live in L.A.. That same month the engine blew on my RX-7. That same week I had to take my dog into the vet as someone (we never found out who) shot him. Tyhe above sounds like the making of a country song.

I decided that I would never work for anyone again. I would take this as a sign to change my life and use the hardship as the catalyst to make those changes. I had been toying with the idea of working for myself, but had never made the commitment. Within 5 years of that time I had developed
a chain of 16 retail stores spanning all of CA. The most money I had ever made working for someone else was in 1982 and it was $62K. In 1988
I made over $2MM.

My point, look at these times as opportunities to re-evaulate what you are doing. Do not get tunnel vision about having to scurry around and find the same position. Perhaps, now is the time to make some HUGE changes in your life and life is telling you as such.

Best of luck!
I hear ya Steve. Trying to make a go at 3D printing as a business(Rapid Prototyping). Sucks not having paid benefits though since I have a family.