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Toyota MR2 in reference to HSC

23 February 2003
San Francisco
Hey guys, the other Japanese mid-engine car is 2200lbs with 125hp engine and very well equipped at $25k. Imagine if Toyota gives it a 200hp V6, changes a few body panels and equipment and charges $35k. I think they'll get themselves a very potent and competitive car. Imagine what they can do with a 300hp V8 in a silmilar layout and charges $50k? I bet a car like that will beat the crap of everyone on the track and the market place. I know the MR2 is no HSC but the MR2 looks promising. So to build a Honda supercar does not seem to be very difficult or expensive. You just need a fatter and longer MR2 body with a TL engine.
See this.


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yea, it would be a very good car. but i beleave they are stopping production. another car is the miata that is very light weight. if mazda increases power to it it will also be good.
It has been "rumored" to be the new mid-engined car from Toyota, but as anyone following the HSC knows, rumor doesn't mean a whole lot. :D