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Track Day @ Autobahn Country Club South Track 7/7/05

17 March 2005
Anybody going to this?

Thursday, July 8 at Autobahn Country Club's South Track!
These Driver Education events are casual and first-timers are welcomed! You will only go as fast as you are comfortable with.

Each run group will get plenty of track time! Each group will get five 20-minute sessions with an hour of open track at the end of the day.
Instructors and advanced drivers have 30 minute sessions, and we would encourage you to ride along with an instructor and pick up a few new tricks, regardless of your skill level!

The cost is $200 for this single-day event with plenty of clear track, a great atmosphere, and nearly three hours of track time!

Convertibles allowed! A convertible with a roll bar (including factory rollover protection) can run in any group, and in the Novice/Beginner group, a convertible can run without a roll bar.

Event details at http://www.performancedrivingexperience.com/!
I may do this one. I was going to do Gingerman on July 8th, but I really would like to check out this track, especially since it's like 10 minutes from me.