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track seats or 5 point harness in stock

2 April 2004
Savannah, GA
I have been thinking of either putting in seats for the track or just putting in a 5 point harness in stock seats. As I progress at DE events the regular seat belt is getting harder to use. Anyone have any suggestions? I would like to add that my NSX is my everyday driver and I put about 11,000 miles a year on it, so the seats need to be comfortable for a long drive (3 hours or more at times). Also how easy would the install be for the 5 point on stock seats?

I am hoping this would be one of my presents this year from my wife for birthday, fathers day or whatever holiday comes next.

I appreciate any help.
Well do you do the whole lock the seat belt and then slide forward thing? Temporarily that may help.

There's nothing wrong w/ using a 5 point in a stock seat. It can be done... numerous ways.

Mark B cut a hole in the stock leather and had it stitched up for the 5th strap.

Jeff A has one that comes from behind and you sit on it and pull up.

Others have the dali seat cushion:

Which gives you about 2 inches of clearance from the head and also comes pre-fabbed with a cut-out on the seat.

Someone on this forum even made a bar that will mount below the seat which will allow the substrap to be consistent.

So you'd need:
Harness bar
somehow to mount substrap (whether it be through harness bar or below seat).

I'm sure you'll get a huge response on this thread.

Many systems now allow you to 'tuck away' the harness and then just use your stock belt for everyday use.

I also have the Dali bar and Simpson 5 pt. I just remove the rear Simpson belts or push them behind the seats when I'm not tacking the car. With the Dali bar you still can use your regular seat belts with no problem. I did the same thing as Mark B cut a small hole for the sub belt and bolted it to the floor works great IMO.
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See.. there's my question..

i remember a long time ago reading somewhere that the nsx has a place to bolt the 5th point to the floor.

Is it a hole? pre-threaded hole?.. what was it?

or am i just smokin some good stuff? :confused:
As you become faster on the track, you'll start encountering higher G forces. Better support will give you better control over the car. If your car is a daily driver, you'll likely find that a harness bar and belt system will work well.

We have developed a new bar (there's an introductory price this month only):

The bar is designed with built in mounting locations for clip-in or bolt-in lap belts. This is beneficial for customers with stock seats as they do not have mounting attachment points like aftermarket seat rails.

The NSX has a recess on the bottom floor pan located directly under the seat. I would assume Honda engineered this into the car for a sub belt mounting point. You'll need to reinforce this point to allow a sub belt to be installed. We sell a harness kit on our website (see above link) that includes all the hardware you need for a plug and play install.

As mentioned, you will need to modify your stock seat bottom to be able to accept the sub belt properly.

Please let us know if you have any questions & have fun at the track.

-- Chris
a harness bar is probably the easiest way for your harness need.
and since comfort is a big issue for you, maybe you should try out Sparco Torino, or Sparco Milano......they're very comfortable.
Thanks for the help. I am now in the process of sweet talking my wife into making this my present for hanukah. I am going to get the bar and straps that Chris has mentioned. My only hope right now is that it will be an early hanukah.