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Track Tire Pressures?

29 January 2002
I checked the archives, but never found a suitable answer to what tire pressures to run on stock tires for a drivers' school. this will be my '96's first event (but not mine!).

I know stock pressures are 33f/40r, but how much to bump them up to keep them from rolling over on the track? I will only be driving the car at 8/10ths, if that...


- Joel Smernoff
'96 NSX-T
'96 Z3
'88 M3 track toy
'91 Legend winter trasher
It depends on the tire and temperature. Keep reducing it till it feels good.
The pressures recommended by the manufacturer is always a good place to start, and then make any changes you feel are necessary.

I drove my NSX on the stock Yokohama A022H tires in approximately 50 track events before finally switching to track tires. I started with the recommended pressures of 33F/40R (measured cold) and found that they worked just fine for track use as well, so that's what I used on the track throughout that period.