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Traction control question???

8 November 2001
I remember seing a post that explained this "but" maybe someone else can tell me how to set the traction control so that it doesnt automatically reset to on each time the car is shut off then re-started??
Thanks in advance!!

Doesn't pulling the fuse accomplish this? You get the TCS light on continuously (which the SmartTCS avoids) but that's easily fixed too ...
I agree with Larry - it's habit for me to turn it off every time I get in the car now - I almost never drive with it on anymore, but if you get caught in a nasty rainstorm, it can be helpful.

Never saw a reason to do anything other than press that magic button

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
Comptech SC, Headers, Intake, Exhaust & a little Mark Basch tweakage
Yea,I guess just simply developing the habit is the best answer.Ever since I got the trans-case changed,centerforce clutch short gears and 455 rear the impulse to suddenly "lay into it" has been there more often,the problem come when the traction control pulls a lot of fuel out and the car lunges and dives,then the thought hits "f@#@in' traction switch" I forgot it again.That would really suck if thats what lost a launch from the light.Hasn,t happened yet exept racing my wife but those ones dont matter in fact I like to purposly let her win once in while..