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Tri-State area... best alarm shop?

16 June 2008
im looking to have a clifford g5 installed into my nsx, and im asking for what my fellow nsx guys recommend as a shop to do a stealth install. im from north jersey, but no way in hell do i trust north jersey performance shops, so i am willing to travel in the tristate area for a 1 day install. help me out guys :biggrin:
Auto Image in East Brunswick has always been good to me, and the owner had an NSX for a very long time. They did my system in my NSX:wink:
vortex auto shop(rt 22 east) has done my clifford system. they have done great work for me over the years. My clifford has car jacking device also, it may be older than yours (installed 3 yrs ago) but their work has been great. the owners name is joe anything i can help with let me know im in the orange area.