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Trunk Hatch open dash light won't go off

21 July 2022
So I was in the middle of installing an Apine HCE-C1100 HDR backup camera in my 91 NSX, and my fuel filter and air filter arrives, so I changed gears and installed them first. I noticed my test drive that my trunk hatch light stayed on the entire time during the test drive.

All I did in prep to install the Backup Camera before changing Fuel filter and Air filter.
1. I uninstalled the CD changers
2. I uninstalled the Transducer box for the phone maybe? (the box installed next to CD changer. I have no idea what it actually is.
3. Pulled the tabs off the rear trunk carpet
4. Nothing has been done to the dash to prepare for camera, just wanted to make a clear path to the cabin for a clean install.


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Close inspection of the photo indicates that is not the brake failure warning light, it is your trunk open or rear hatch open light (hard to tell from the photo). The brake light is at the very bottom of the indicator and you can see that it is not illuminated. If you were messing around in the trunk, you may have shorted the trunk switch wiring to ground causing a permanent indication, or the switch is damaged. The actual switch is inside the latch. The first thing would be to check the switch operation as described in the service manual. If the switch functions correctly, then start looking for a short.

Or, perhaps when you did your test drive you did not have the trunk fully latched and the switch is doing what it was supposed to do?
The dreaded brake light error code. First check to make sure all of your brake light bulbs are operational. If they are, it might be time to pull the instrument cluster out and send it to BrianK. The capacitors might be leaking and could lead to fire if left unattended. Especially if you live in a warmer climate. This is a common issue. But check the bulbs first.
If it turns out to be the hatch open indication and you can't find an obvious problem with the hatch switch or the wiring, have a look at this thread.

There is no obvious reason why a dodgy battery should cause the hatch warning light to illuminate; but, there are 4 reported cases of this odd phenomena and battery replacement has resolved the problem in the 4 cases. This odd problem has never been reported for the trunk warning light so if its the trunk warning light its probably a faulty switch or wiring short.