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trunk shocks...

If you do a search you will find multiple listing of trunk struts replacement.

Check out this thread...


If you would like to have it rebuild,


If you would like to buy a new unit...


I replaced mine with a unit I bought from MJ at Dali... around $120 for a pair will ball joints. If you are doing the work on your own, always get the ones with the ball joints, it is VERY hard to remove the current ball joints. Total install time about 20 minutes.
Personally, I would have them rebuilt by Frank - especially if the engine glass hatch ones need done, much more expensive to replace. The rebuilt units are stronger than OEM anyway.

If you do decide to buy them, these are Honda parts - you can obtain at any Honda/Acura discount parts dealer. Although Dali is usually quite competitive on OEM parts, I usually buy Honda parts through Tim Poliniak @ RayLaks -
They have great discounted rates, no sales tax of course (unless you're in NY state) and free shipping with a nominal $3.95 transaction fee.

Parts #'s are

Trunk Struts: 74872-SLO-013
Ball Studs: 90102-SLO-003

Removal/Installation Guide

Hatch Struts: 74820-SLO-305 (balls included)
They have no balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):) You have to order the ball ends separately(90102-SL0-003), however if you are good with a Dremel you can cut the old struts off and leave the balls in place and reuse them. Once you install the strut on the ball you cannot remove it unless you cut it, it's a one time install.

I like to cut them off since the ball ends are painted the body color and it looks more original if you do not remove them. JMO.

menuserve said:
so wouldn't it be MUCH easier to just order the ones from Dali that have the balls already?
That is just a kit of the struts & the ball studs - see my post above (& Larry's too) for the separate part numbers. As Larry suggest, installing new balls is not as difficult (you just snap them on) as removing the old ones- however if you're tossing the old struts anyway, then why not just remove them as he described?
But hey, it's only money though - why bother?

I have not tried that, mmm..... Learn something new every day:). I will see my dentist about that LOL..................

Thanks for the tip.

It would be MUCH easier to have a new NSX delivered and your old one traded in. You don't even have to turn down the volume on your TV/iPod or get out of bed to make it happen...

If you just get new ball studds they *should* be painted body color.

Besides you would be robbing yourself (and us) if you miss the opportunity to figure out some easy way to remove the studs.


/Things can be very nice and easy if you have enough comma's in your bank account. Then again easy = boring.
Contacted the strut rebuild place...here's what they quoted me for the glass struts:

Good morning Eric,
Yes to rebuild your window struts Eric is $45 per strut plus tax&postage is
generally around $8 to $10.


So, pretty close to just buying new ones.
I believe he is quoting in $CDN - $45 CDN ~ $37 USD
In May he was quoting $40 CDN, so it appears they may have gone up.

New trunk struts are ~ $52 USD; you will either cut off the old balls or buy new ones - ($10 ea)
engine struts are ~ $60 USD each

So a set of new will be $220 (or $240 if you buy new balls for trunk units)
vs $148 for Strutwise repair.

The other difference however is side/side the Strutwise ones are much firmer - I'm saying that & I bought new ones 2 yrs ago; one of local guys has the repaired & there is a real obvious difference.
Acura replaced the stock ones and now after 5 years one has leaked some oil onto the ball. The trunk still stays up but it barely stays up when the temp is cold.