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Trunk struts (gas supports, lifts) for NSX - SOLD

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26 August 2007
Trunk struts (gas supports, lifts) for NSX

GSB Acura NSX Trunk Struts: includes all mounting hardware

Price is for a PAIR (2 struts)

For my main store and 100% feedback history, see:

The new GSB 750-100 trunk struts are very strong and the finish is excellent, with an appearance very similar to oem. These have 30-40 lbs. more compression force than previous brands I've sold, and are almost identical with the exception of length. They are approximately 1/8" shorter, allowing for easier installation.
100 lbs. compression each vs. 85~90 lbs. for oem
Comes complete with steel ball sockets, metric ball studs, loop end connectors and washers - no need to cut your old studs out!
Easy replacement for original Acura part - takes less than 20 minutes
Self-contained nitrogen-driven counterbalance for uniform force and non-catastrophic failure.
Install guide included
Compare to OEM or recharge $90+
$52 + $6 Priority Mail Shipping.
Price is per PAIR (2 struts)
Over 350 sets sold! <1% defect rate

Loop end (ring) connectors: The connector used on these struts has a straight shaft with the loop end centered, unlike oem which has an offset connector. Some users have commented that they felt the connector may rub against the mounting plate. The clearance is close (about 1/8") but I've sold over 100 pairs with these connectors and have not received one report of any interference with the pin plate during actual use. I've also been using this connector on my car for almost two years, and there is no evidence of interference whatsoever, as the plate itself is still pristine. If you examine the pin, you'll see why they don't touch. It is slanted slightly upward -- maybe 2 or 3 degrees. As compression force from the strut is applied, it forces the loop end connector to the outside of the pin, away from the mounting plate.
Barrel length: The GSB cylinder barrel is slightly longer than oem. What this means is that you won't be able to secure the top fastener of your wiring clip after install. My simple solution was to make a straight cut across the clip and lose the top piece. The clip fits very securely with just the bottom fastener, and any casual observer would not know it had been altered unless it was pointed out. (see photo)

** NOTE: I also sell HATCH struts for the NSX glass engine cover (rear window):


List Date: 12/18/2012

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