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tsw indy 500


if you think so highly of the tsw's go to discount tire and purchase them...... they are absolute junk. last i checked, i can get a set of work emotions for about 100 dollars more from science of speed...

maybe you should get them chromed before you put them on your nsx... that would look "balla"

shame on you for writing that you would put tsw wheels on a lambo or ferrari.... WOW.

lastly, im not knocking the caravan, but any wheel that would fit both the caravan AND the nsx i wouldnt put on my car...thats just me...

more power to you for liking the tsw wheels... i personally dont... i spent too much on my car to be frugal on my wheels... but, to each his own... Ive got a nice set of "QUALITY" tsw wheels in a 18/19 that you can buy since you praise them so much... just pm me and i will reply with a price..hopefully when you get a lambo or ferrari you can get a set of adaptors to make them fit your new car....

Actually I would go and purchase them but the owner of this NSX actually set me up with his old lowenharts already. We really like his new wheels! They're way nice! (look below)

Oh and chrome isn't my thing. They're easy and simple to clean but grey or silver is nicer to me because it's more subdued. The only thing that should bling is my teeth. Chrome looks better on red, not on my car because it's black. It stands out TOO much. What is your position on expensive wheels chromed from the factory? I think there are some Rays that are chromed from the factory.

It's not tough to put just about any aftermarket wheel on to a caravan. After, even the most expensive companies generally tend to make different bolt patterns and offsets and sizes. The ONLY nsx specific wheel would be oem nsx wheels.

Heck yeah I'd put a tsw rim on my some day future lambo or ferrari. Those 15/16s on our nsx stock look like pure yuck....

So what TSW's do you have? I like having different sets of rims. Sorta like cycling through a watch or shoe collection.