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Tubi for 91-96 NSX

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23 March 2004
I've reluctantly decided to sell the Tubi exhaust on my 1993 NSX. I would not be selling either except that I am going to need an automobile that will accomodate a car seat for my soon to arrive grandchild.

This Tubi is the one you want. It is one of the few that aligns perfectly, and I mean perfectly. No cockeyed look, no tilted tips, no dents and no burned or melted rear valences. It's been right from the start. Better yet, this exhaust has achieved "full-tone" as the metal packing no longer coats the rear bumper between car washes. The sound is simply awesome at high RPM with an exhaust pitch as close as any to my all-time favorite - the Tubi enhanced Ferrari 355.

This Tubi was part of the original group buy. The 3rd group buy has been redesigned and the exhaust tone, different muffler design, clamps and even the polish are an unknown quantity. See this forum for details.

I got very, very lucky and now you don't have to take a chance.

And best yet, you get to hear it first and see why this Tubi is the one you want. Don at Hilltop Auto in Daly City installed it (and does all my maintenance) and will remove it upon purchase for local pickup.

$1980.00 or Best Offer


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Re: Rare and Perfect Tubi for 91-96 NSX

Hi Brent,

Please check your PM for the reply I sent yesterday. Thanks!
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