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Turbo info

14 October 2001
Alamo, Ca
Auyone that has a Bell twin turbo kit, I need to know if the Aerodyne will hold up to track abuse. Planning on air/water intercooler and Greddy e-manage to improve system. Dan
I have that system.

Look at Turbo NSX

I have run two track events with absolutely no problems. I do let the car idle with the rear glass and engine cover open for about 5 minutes after a run session so it can warm down. I have had lots of fun smoking M3's on the track!

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I, too, have had my Bell TT'd car to a handful of track events and have not had mechanical problems (knock on aluminum). It is imperative that you deliver adequate fuel and retard timing or they will NOT tolerate boost for sustained periods (ask Eric Kerub). I'm running just over 6 psi, and the car really does run quite well. Gerry's turbo has better 1/4 times, but I was able to rip off 11.99 @ 119 and I think most people that have been around the car have been impressed by its performance. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. Happy motoring. Ben. http://www.geocities.com/motorcity/speedway/3397

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Actually, Ben *has* had one recurring mechanical problem: cracking rotors cuz he's such a crazy bastard that he stays flat out for the whole straight and then throws out the anchor at the end. That's on the stock brakes with cross-drilled rotors, I think it was?


-Mike (Ruete)
OOOOOOooooohhhhhh Mike. You got me there. Yes, I did crack 4 rotors at NSXPO this year(left rear cross-drilled, right rear cross-drilled, then a left rear slotted followed by a right front cross-drilled). I became VERY proficient at swapping rotors between run sessions, and a big THANKS to Chris of SOS for having extra rear rotors, and to John V. for a front. I have gotten the Movit big brake kit installed on the car now (just posted a few pix in the picture gallery), so I hope this isn't a recurring problem. Just in case, though, I'm bringing extra rotors to the next track event!!!!
U mentioned u installed the movit brake kit. I'm wondering what kind of wheels do u have to clear those big boy?

Edit: Found out on other thread that you're using HRE.

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