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Tweeters and replacement map lights mounted above the rear view mirror?

24 July 2000
Has anyone done this? Does anyone know of some sort of directional map lights instead of the non-directional stock one's that are there now?

Also, I have two pioneer tweeters that I'm not using, and was wondering how to mount them there so that the right tweeter is pointing towards the passenger and the left is pointing towards the driver.

Maybe there could be some sort of all in one upper console that would contain both the tweeter mounts and directional map lights? (or maybe even a spot for the V1 too?

Thanks, -Electro
I dont know about changing out the map lights, but i do know that you can swap the stock mirror for one out of a general motors car(ie. 96 Firebird)that has the lights in the bottom. You can then install the tweets in the front of the casing firing toward the windshield. this adds some good sound and looks pretty trick too. the install is pretty straight foward and you can pick up a mirror from a salvage yard for under $50.
I just happen to have one of those mirrors around(bought it for another car, never used.GM brand) I'll check it out against my NSX one and determine if there's any way it could be made to work. Come to think of it, I might use it myself. Good idea, I'll keep you posted on it. BTW it was 100 bucks new from the dealer
If you replace the map lights with the rear view mirror that has the lights built in, what can you put in place of the original map lights?

tweeters mounted way up that high, far away from any other speaker, I would think isn't worth it in regards to sound quality. How many IASCA cars do you see where the tweeters are mounted up high, far away from the mids and highs? Probably none.

This is just my opinion, and I speak from my experience with car audio(1st. place IASCA for SQ/Sound Quality, 301-600 watt class).

I can only guess that tweeters mounted up that high will definitely make the sound stage inside the car brighter, and you will be able to distinguish between the tweeters, and the speakers in the doors.

I'd much rather put the tweeters somewhere closer to the speakers in the doors, or maybe if they're small enough behind the ac vent in the door(the large square one).

Don't let what I'm saying discourage you, it's just my opinion. I'm known to not follow "the norms" myself, so if it works for you, let us know!

I guess what i'm going for is more of a surround sound type feeling rather than all the sound coming from the lower half of the car.

Because the tweets are firing into the windshield they give off more of a non-directional sound. It actually blends quite nicely. I wouldnt use it in a SQ car because the judging on those cars are so particular on imaging, but for the every day listener its a great addition. we have done this set up in many different cars, including my 92NSX. Another option if you are not concerned with using the mirror is to mount a radio or eq faceplate in the space where the glass is. we just did this in a 2000 integra type r.