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UFC 86 - Thoughts?

18 April 2006
Aside from the main event and the Josh Koscheck bloodbath, I thought it was a night of very boring fights.

I didn't have a favorite between Jackson and Griffin because I like them both as fighters and with that aside, they are some of the coolest, down to earth guys around. But I'll admit I pulled for Griffin after the second round because he came in as the underdog and fought his heart out. Good show from those two though.

Maybe Chuck will now think he has a shot because Rampage is out of the way but then again, Forrest would beat Chuck's ass in some very hurtfull ways.

Other fights were mostly crap...
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I only feel that Patrick Cote was given a fight that he didn't win.

I don't agree with that, almeida(sp?) didn't do anything dominant throughout the fight in my opinion, wasn't very agressve and in the opportunities he didn't capitolize at all. cote did a great job keeping the fight where he wanted and when he did get taken down did a good job getting it back on there feet. ultimately a jitsu guy cant win standing thats all there is to it.

I actually enjoyed most of the fights, they were almost all pretty evenly matched making a good night of upsets and surprises. Stevenson and tibau was fun to watch, I love how patient stevenson is and always just waits for someone to do one wrong thing and then pulls the win out. that whole fight tibau got way to comfortable taking stevenson down and not taking any kind of caution other the shrugging his shoulders when he went in for the take down, stevenson just waited for the opportunity and got it. but I will say tibau almost pulled off that uma plata(I think thats whqat it was) that thing looked so nasty any other fighter would have got scared and done the wrong thing, joe daddy kept his cool and did what he should have done wait it out and keep it neutralized.

thats anough bs from me anyone else?
Hmm... Silva has moved up to 205. If he beats his next opponent on 7/19 (free on Spike!!!!!!), he will probably be the first in line to take on Forrest... Much like Henderson got an immediate title shot against him when he dropped down to 185. I think it would be interesting indeed.
I felt Rampage won the fight, he hurt Forrest a couple times and slammed him once. Forrest's leg kicks were real nice though.
As for Anderson @ 205, IMO James Irvin is more dangerous than he's getting credit for...but yeah I think Anderson can be a force at LHW but might have a hard time with dominant wrestlers. Time will tell. myguitar, I don't think Silva will get a title shot if he beats Irvin. Hendo got that shot b/c Dana asked Dan to drop down so he could specifically challenge Silva. Having cleaned out 185, i'm curious to see how Anderson handles the bigger guys, though he seemed to handle it in Pride. I would really like to see him against Thiago Silva. I don't know if he'd fight Wand since they were both in Chute Boxe at one time.
Overall a pretty lackluster UFC I thought.