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Unofficial Used Oil Analysis Reports Thread

28 April 2010
After searching and not finding one I think it would be beneficial to have a "continuous thread" for posting UOAs taken on our cars all in one place.

I've seen a few out there but I am sure there are folks who have many years of data on the oil they use and it'd be very informative to have a single thread to draw different UOA report data for analysis purposes. I think it will be much more informative than anectodal evidence of any one brands superiority over another.

This the first time I've analyzed my oil which I did after seeing L_RAO's post.
I sent this sample to Blackstone after changing my oil at 12mo for this year. I also switched to Penn Ultra 5W-30 for next year (from Mobil 0W-3).

So here goes: Look forward to seeing others reports for comparison.

ENGINE: Stock C30A
OIL: MB1 OW-30
12 Months/2780mi
USE: Weekend Car: Mostly urban and highway driving >45mph, some spirited weekend drives, a 1000mi road trip and one HPDE day.

Nov11-Nov12 MB1 0W-30 2800mi.jpg
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Year 2 of tracing the oil reports on my car.

ENGINE: Stock C30A
OIL: PU 5-30W
12 Months/3419mi
USE: Weekend Car: Mostly urban and highway driving >45mph, occasional spiritedriving, a couple road trips 300-500mi.
I'm gonna stick with the Pennzoil thru next year and compare. Both seem to be doing well but the trace metals in the MB1 do seem a little lower but then it had less miles.

After two years of PennUltra to get a baseline all looks good but I'm switching back to my old standard MB1 5W-30 for the next couple years to get a comparison.

ENGINE: Stock C30A
OIL: Penn Ultra 5W-30
TIME/DISTANCE: 12 Months/3396
USE: Weekend Car: Mostly urban and highway driving >45mph, some spirited weekend drives, four medium dist road trips >300+, and a 1000mi road trip .

Oct 13-Nov14 PU 5w-30 3496.jpg
Engine: stock C30A internals, high boost CTSC, intercooler
Oil: Mobil 1 10w30
Time/distance: 3 months Florida summer/2600
Use: daily driver but I WFH so not exactly a commuter car, mixed driving but a fair amount of highway

Interested in your thoughts, guys. Thx!
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Fromt he metals it looks like an outstanding report Rat! It is interesting to see 10W-30 numbers. Thanks for posting.

I Switched back to MB1 5W-30 last year to get a comparison but changed it a litttle early last year when I had the Oil pan gasket replaced; so not so many miles. For some reason I forgot to post the analysis. Mostly watching the metals. Interested to see how this year looks with more miles on the oil. I am also starting to put the type OIL FILTER used with the oil.

ENGINE: Stock C30A
OIL: MB1-5W-30
TIME/DISTANCE: 12 Months/ 2500mi
USE: Weekend Car: Mostly urban and highway driving 45mph-80Mph, occasional spirited weekend drive, a couple short dist road trips <300mi
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[MENTION=23995]bullithollywood[/MENTION], note I only know 10w30 for sure since I have owned the car which is 18 months and 19k miles. I may have some old records prior to that - I'll have to dig. I drive it pretty hard, but no track time since it came back to Florida to the previous owner in 2007 or so. HTH
With 265,000 miles on the original motor, Charlotte's engine was given a Stage 3 3.5L Twin Turbo ScienceofSpeed tweak. Here is the most recent Blackstone report after putting 65,000 miles on the Stage 3 version of the engine. (330,000 total miles on the block). Since the day I originally got the car, I have only used Amsoil Oil and Auto-Rx. (Initial flush sequence the first time and since then 3 oz. maintenance dose at every oil change.)

In the 5th year of oil analysis had only a couple of trips over 300miles, a handful of 160-200mi drives but otherwise driven a few times a week for shorter distances of 15-30miles mostly urban highway miles.

ENGINE: Stock C30A
OIL: MB1-5W-30
TIME/DISTANCE: 14 Months/ 3090mi

Going to use MB1-10W-30 for the next couple years and see how it looks.

95-NSX 170218.jpg
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You're changing the oil very early. I'm running it around 6-7k miles in my engine and I have similar values like you. Iron tracks with miles. Blackstone always tells me to extend the interval even more. I'm not really hard on the engine but I'm boosted...
Yes, I agree with you 6-7K miles is ideal but it'd be two-year old oil by then. I think iits worth it to keep the additives fresh.
ENGINE: Stock C30A w/ DC Sports header, Taitec GTLW exhaust
OIL: Red Line 10W-30
TIME/DISTANCE: 3 months, 7 track days

Note that the high oxidation number is an artifact of the ester-based oil. I plan to send them a virgin sample just to get a baseline, but other Red Line VOAs show similar oxidation results.
ENGINE: Stock C30A w/ DC Sports header, Taitec GTLW exhaust, ProSpeed Stage 2 tune
OIL: Red Line 10W-30
TIME/DISTANCE: 11 months, 4683 miles, 13 track days

I checked my air filter out because of the silicon. It was intact and properly sealed, but I discovered it was also partially soaked with oil. The oil seemed to be coming from the breather line from the rear valve cover. I checked the PCV valve and it was faulty, so it has been replaced. I'm not worried about the lead; it's very low levels and Red Line often shows higher lead levels on the first few uses as it has a leaching/cleaning quality. We'll see how it trends out.

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I've been remiss and just now updating my last years UAE. While I was at it I added the oil type used for each year for comparison. It doesn't list it but this year I used a Nippon Micro Filter as my supply of OEM talls finally ran out. My driving style, environment and annual distances have been pretty much the same year after year so I'm confident the comparisons are reasonably valid. I am on the second year of using MB1 10W-30 after two years each of Penn Ultra and MB1 5W-30. So far I'm believing my faith in Mobil 1 is warranted but I may try the 0W again at some future date.

6 yr oil analysis.jpg
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