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US on-line parts vendors that ship to Canada?

3 November 2011
Saskatchewan, Canada
I would occasionally use Del Ray Acura as a discount source for North American specific parts for my NSX. Del Ray had no problem shipping parts to addresses in Canada. My bookmarked link for Del Ray's parts page now comes up as Acura of Lynwood and they no longer have an option for delivery to locations out of the US. I did an actual search on Del Ray and they no longer appear to support on-line parts ordering. Does any body know of US based discount vendors who will sell and ship to addresses in Canada?
Another option is to use a forwarder (like Shippsy for GTA owners, or reship/shipito). You will need to pay for shipping twice and some service fees.
Same issue here, I used to use OEMAcura parts.
Technically, the US dealers are not allowed to ship out of the US. OEMAcuraParts told me Acura America will come down hard on the dealer if they know.
You need to find a middle man, or a Canadian dealer that can get you a discount.


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I am aware of the reshipper / forwarding services. crossborderpickups.ca looks like a nice low cost option if you live in the Toronto area! Some of them have rather opaque fee structures. Some with lower prices have a model which is based upon aggregating shipments at their US drop point before forwarding into Canada. Depending on how much traffic they have an item can get hung up at their drop point until they have achieved a semi-trailer load or whatever their shipment method is.

I have a friend in a vintage car club who essentially does the same thing as the forwarding services. He has a post office box in Plentywood Montana where members collective stuff is delivered and then he makes the drive to pick the parts up on a semi regular basis. With $2/l gasoline the 200 + 200 km roundtrip to Plentywood does make it rather expensive for a single part.

If the Canadian dealer price is too far out for North American specific parts I might have to investigate the freight forwarding services.
Clear out your inbox so I can send you a pm. Going next week.

In box cleared out; however, I don't need any parts yet.

I was just using my old Del Ray link to check some parts numbers and noticed that the link had changed. That precipitated a little test to see whether they were still an option for ordering parts - which they aren't. I used Del Ray to successfully order the North American specific coolant hoses two years ago so I was a little disappointed to find they are no longer an option.

Hopefully anything that fails can be had from Amayama.
otherwise you can try eeebay, I got couple parts on there and price with shipping is actually pretty good, genuine brand new OEM parts from Japan

For CrossBorderPickups, you can check the rate if you want them to ship the items to your address. No harm to try since the account is no fee unless you use their service.