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V8 sound...what do you prefer?


  • Muscle Car V8 sound

    Votes: 4 19.0%
  • Sports Car V8 sound

    Votes: 17 81.0%

  • Total voters
25 September 2004
You know sports cars' V8 and muscle cars' V8 sound totally different right?

I was wondering what sound you prefer.

I like sports cars' V8 sound...high revving...kinda reminds me of F1 sound.

F1 sounds sooo aggressive and intimidating in real life...they're LOUD like mother fucker. :eek: (F1 engines are usually V10 or V12 but whatever)

here are some cool V8 sounds :biggrin:

Muscle car V8


Sports car V8

Nobody has an opinion about this topic? Wow... that's a first for Prime. :D

Firstly, I prefer my posts without the use of "the f word". ;)

I love the sound of V8 muscle cars, but the links you've posted aren't the best. That deep throaty throb as a V8 gurgles is intoxicating. I dont think modern V8's sound as good as the V8's made years ago... like an old '69 Mustang, etc.. A V8 needs to be rough and raw - that's what makes it sound powerful and dangerous IMHO.

Otherwise give me the sound of a gritty NSX engine with a Dali-Racing exhaust ANYDAY... or a lambo... or a carrera gt... :)
Muscle car V8 2 valve per cylinder. Depending on the Cams. Idle Lope will be much more apparent in a 2 Valve motor. Lope gives that Raw exhaust sound.
The Hemi got some Big ass valves..

Sport/Modern V8 4 or 3 valve per cylinder. Exhaust is much precise due to the multi cam and mult valves.

BTW Muscle usually run open dual exhaust which give much more Raw exhaust tone. Modern V8 need cats by law.

With all that.. I like the sound of a Modern V8 with Dual Exahust.

Why did you have to start this? Now I want to change out the exhaust to my S430
I can't get over the sound of low displacement, high revving V-8s such as the F355 or 360 Modena Ferrari engines! They are a symphony to the ears!! :biggrin: