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Valve chatter - Exactly how loud should it be?

6 July 2005
Winter Park
My 91 NSX has some pretty loud valve chatter, although it sounds nice and even (maybe 1 valve sounds a bit louder then the rest). Back in the day my 94 Integra had a bit of chatter, but nothing like this.

I've read this is fairly common, but does it ever become an issue? Is it possible they were not adjusted properly at their last service interval? :confused:

ADDED: The car now has 84,000 miles and the last full 60k service was done at 75,000 miles. She runs smooth from 2k-8.2k RPM's with no problems.
After reading more information in the FAQ, I'm going to check the existing service records and see if anything can be found. If I can't find anything useful I will have the following done to the car:

Valve Adjustments
Timing Belt
All other Belts
Water Pump & Hoses
All other fluids checked / filled

The car has a lot of maintenance records back at the house and has had the 60k service done twice (once at 60k and once at 70k or 75k) so hopefully there is some record of these things being replaced. It also has a new clutch in 2000 and new air condition in 2001.

I'm thinking its time to replace the window motors too.
I had loud valve chatter too - turns out I just needed an adjustment. It went away after that. I think it was like $300 for everything.
Turns out I have no record of anything in my list being done - I better get it done soon :eek: