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Vancouver NSX Meet

2 October 2004
Spring is here!! Is anyone interested in a Vancouver NSX meet? I'm fairly new to prime but have had the NSX for a few years. It would be great to meet some local owners, I know there are a bunch of these wonderful cars in the lower mainland. Anyone interested??
Just trying to see if there is any interest...........thought we could set a date sometime in the next month or so??
Hi there
I'm from seattle area, and we're currently planning some event for the year, includes group drive to Mt. Baker (north of seattle, maybe 1.5hr away from vancouver), lapping day with local driving school, go kart and others.
It would be really nice if we can get alot of NSXs together and do a joint meet.
Sure, count me in.
Something fun to do might be an early morning breaky at the Flying Swan at 1724 West 4th. Generally lots of NSX friendly parking weekend mornings along 4th (unless there's a sport bike event, it's predominately a sport bikers hangout).
I'm in if the car is ready to roll by then, getting a few mods done to the car right now and it is taking ALOT longer than expected. But even if the car is not ready I would still come to meet everyone.
Ok lets hook this up!
Who,when and where?
I am in forsure.I want to see all the X's from Vancouver.
Just an idea,how about a drive up to Whistler in mid summer.Post pics of that and you would make a few prime members envious !
Ok, so it sounds like we have a few people interested. What do you guys think about a Sunday meeting in May, possibly do brunch and chat about a summer drive to Whistler or to Seattle to meet the club down there.
May 14th???? Maybe at the spot in kits that bob92blacknsx recommended?
I may not have my car ready,but I will be there!I will also bring a set of side skirts and Instrument cluster rings to show you guys.If interested I will be able to sell them to you.Keep me posted with the details to this meet.