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Vaule of 91 for sale


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31 October 2001
St. Louis, MO
As I am in the beginning stage of my search for a used NSX, the first thing I felt I needed to do was to start evaluating appropriate values, pros and cons of various NSX's that are on the market. With the quality of posts on this board, It appears that there is no better place than here to seek advice.

I will most likely opt for an early 90's model. I really haven't decided as to whether I want to purchase a car that has mods done to it or not. For starters, can anyone take a quick peak at this one and lend any advice? I would be interested to know if anyone has checked this 91 NSX out, or run a carfax report? http://www.minutecash.com/91rednsx/91rednsxframe.htm

It is listed at $27,800.

Looks clean. I generally don't care for aftermaket wheels, but these are nice.

Interior looks nice and clean too.

I did notice the passenger side cover on lower part of the front bumper opening is missing.

Of course, one always needs to ask about the timing belt, snap ring range and window regulators and the typical stuff.

If those things were taken care of, and if the car checked out OK mechanically, then I'm guessing that $27,800 is a very good price.

If it's in snap ring range and needs a timing belt, then I'd guess $27,800 would be just an OK price.

My 2 cents.


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looks like a fair deal if you ask me if you want black seats let me know i have them i'll sell them for $2000- shipped there in mint condition :)
my only concern and it's proberly nothing is it is outside a house with a beefed up rx-7 which might mean the car is from a household of race cars including this nsx??!! then again who is to know
The pictures were taken back in March, has the car really been for sale for almost 8 months? Why?
Also, on the site is another page for the same car but displaying the logo of "Texas Toystore". Does anyone recognize the place? I remember them from some ebay auctions. What sort of rep do they have? If you go to what should be the texastoystore site you end up at temptationsatwork which seems to be some sort of escort service! Both domains are registered to a firm in the British Virgin Islands! The minutecash domain is registered to the person who I recall being on the texastoystore site when they had cars listed on ebay a while back.

The NSX Model List Page
If indeed this is the same guy from Texas Toystore - he has 117 positive feedbacks on Ebay - although many of them are as a buyer - go here to check them out for yourself but notice that the most recent are over a year old.

The NSX Model List Page
You're right: Tyger Lucas has had this NSX for sale since early this year.

The car is in Sugar Land, TX right? Bill (of http://www.nsxsc.com ) is in Houston... maybe you can contact him to see if he is familiar with this car or perhaps can arrange for him to take a look for you.
This NSX have been for sale since early 2001. It was offered in Ebay and was being sold by an outfit named Texas Toystore and Metal Paradise. I have checked the CARFAX report of this car back in March 2001 which showed a clean report but I ended not buying the car since I never physically checked it out. I ended buying a local San Diego car.
I only wonder why the car is taking so long to sell thinking that you state that it is on sale for about $27,000+.
I would advise that you physically check out the car.
Thanks for all the information. I should have originally posted the main URL from where I found this car. I simply didn't realize that when I went from their inventory page to the car page itself that it not only opened a new window, but also went to a totally separate domain. I assume that what was Texas Toys is now Texas Dream Cars. http://www.texasdreamcars.com

What a great place this web and forum is to learn about the NSX. After spending some time at a few other car specific web forums, it is evident that this one stands heads and shoulders above others. The forum, the FAQ's and all other sections are not only valuable, they are very professional. A tribute to the type of person who owns an NSX I guess.

This car being for sale since March is about enough to scare me away from it
, but we will see. Now that I have some good info, I will give them a ring this week. Thanks!
Just a couple observations based soley on the photos in the ad:

1. It is missing the tow hook cover on the lower left of the front nose.

2. The right front tire looks to be very low on air pressure.

3. The tires look like a low-end model.

4. The rear tires are too wide for the wheels they are mounted on.

5. The engine hatch lever is messed up. It should not stay horizontal like that. It may just be attached in the wrong orientation in which case you just pull it off and put it back on in the right orientation, but that begs the question of why it's wrong in the picture.

6. The finish on the center of the dash (around the stereo, etc.) is bubbling off terribly on the right side. It needs to be refinished.

7. It does not have the now-unavailable OEM ivory interior mats, just the gray ones ("black" according to Acura).

8. I think it's safe to assume the car is on a relatively level surface in that picture. Why does the fender-to-tire gap appear so large on the RF, LF and LR corners and so small on the RR corner?

9. It looks like the drivers side of the lower front nose has been scraped enough to loose some paint.

10. Something looks out of sorts with the engine compartment picture, but it has been too long since I owned a mostly stock 3.0L NSX to remember exactly what was where. I'll have to think about that one.
Wow Lud,

That's uncanny. I looked carefully at the pics before and didn't notice anything (and I own a red '91), but sure enough, after your post, I noticed everything. I'll have to go stare at my engine compartment now and see if I can find anything out of sorts.

It's sort of like a game, spot the flaws in the NSX pictured...
What an eye you have! I had to go back to take a another look to see what you mentioned. The tow hook cover does jump out, but the others were not so obvious. The thing that troubles me the most is the gap between the fenders and tires you pointed out.
Originally posted by KGP:
What an eye you have! I had to go back to take a another look to see what you mentioned. The tow hook cover does jump out, but the others were not so obvious. The thing that troubles me the most is the gap between the fenders and tires you pointed out.

It's hard to tell if the car is really on a level surface or not - in the shot that shows the RX-7 at the next house there seems to be a slope. The front wheels don't look right - both the fender gap and one wheel looks to have a lot of angle on it but that could just be a problem with perspective.
So I guess that you should now have a list of questions for the seller! I'd start with the basic stuff like the trans number so you can find out if it is in snap-ring range, has the timing belt been done because of the age, water pump, window regulators, then work your way over to why it has been for sale for so long and the things that eagle-eye Lud pointed out. Good luck.

The NSX Model List Page
Originally posted by westernb4:
The passenger door courtesy light lens is missing. (Can't believe that eagle-eyed Lud missed it!)

I thought Lud surely spotted everything, and almost thought it was safe to offer prize money for anything else found wrong or missing.

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To be honest I didn't really spend that much time picking the pictures apart. This is all stuff that jumped out at me. I'm sure there may be several things such as the courtesy light cover which I overlooked. Plus, you can only tell so much about a car in low-res photos taken from selective angles and mostly from several feet away.

I still feel there is something not right with the fender gaps, even if we assume the car is not on a perfectly level surface. There are many possibilities, from varied offsets to different widths on the rear wheels to a suspension problem, but I think it is more than just the angle at which they were taken or any slight incline the car may be on.

Also, I take back my comment that something looks out of sorts with the engine itself, but I think I finally figured out what is bothering me about that engine photo. There is no engine cover prop rod in the picture, yet the picture was taken from directly behind the engine. If I were going to take an engine picture and wanted to keep the prop rod out of it, I would hold the engine cover up by one side or the other and take the photo from that side. It probably means nothing - you would just need someone else to hold the cover up while you took the picture over the trunk in order to get that shot.

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this is a pretty old thread.. just want to clarify some stuff
i just found this thread on my log file

texastoystore domain is stolen from us and it was replaced by texasdreamcars.com

we are now called xexes inc (xexes.com)

Please let me know if theres anything i can help. we got one nsx for sale


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[email protected]

<A HREF="http://www.texasdreamcars.com
http://www.jspek.com" TARGET=_blank>http://www.texasdreamcars.com
I recently purchased a '91 NSX.
I got a great price because it needed some cosmetics which I factored into the cost. I changed all tires to be safe. When I went to have wheels aligned, I was told the car needed tie rods, which immediately replaced, And now I find out I need R & L pivotal assembly replacement (Honda's answer to ball joint), which appears to constitute a huge percent of the front end suspension. Car runs great, looks better everyday, but now I'll need approximately $3,000 more to set it right. I share this with you because, despite the eagle eyes noting this and that, if you don't investigate this car further, your $27,000 car will fast exceed $30,000. And, for that price, there may be a far better NSX awaiting.