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Vertical doors?

30 March 2005
I´m planing to build a JGTC widebody NSX and I am afraid that the frontfenders will be to wide for vetical doors, does anyone here any advise or any words of wisdom at all? Any info on vertical door nsx´s are more than wellcome! thanx!
Lambo style doors exist for the NSX but I'm afraid they won't solve your problem. They are not really vertical so they need also some space in the area where you have the wide fenders.
What about sliding door. No one has done it on a sportscar before. Its common on van. That is if you want exclusivity.
Jin1976 said:
What about sliding door. No one has done it on a sportscar before. Its common on van. That is if you want exclusivity.

I dont know if you are kidding but that would be pretty hard since it would require a rail to ride on and the only place where you could put one long enough would be on the bottom.

How about the gull wing design like the Enzo and McLaren have or the koengsegg which spiral open on a arm.


my company sells vertical doors and most of all the companies have the same build quality. as far as the fender problem, I would say that each kit differs, if you are referring to the "Vertical Doors" brand they open out like stock for about a foot like NORMAL then go upwards. If you have extended fenders (wider fenders) it should help accomodate the vertical door kit. Hope this helps.

As far as the Sorcery Door Conversion, I have no experience working with their products nor have I inspected their product.

However to determine a quality product I would recommend making sure they have a warranty on their product, have it installed professionally by an experienced body shop, inspect the shocks that hold up the door, if they are weak or not a reputable brand they can cause the door to fall down (you do not want that!) or sag after you extend them up, and finally be sure to check the weld quality on the door hinges if they are not heavy duty or quality welds it will probably cause the door to be loose and most likely either break down slowly or need reinstallation (also make sure that the hinges themselves are think pieces of heavy duty metal). Good luck whatever your purchase you will definately develop some excercise lifting your doors.
Juice said:
I used to think that this mod would be cool. Now that I've aged and stopped substance abuse I see the error of my ways. :D
yea been there... but hey I cannot argue if people want it, to each his own, it still looks cool though
There are different types of doors...like...

Toyota Sera

butterfly doors

Mazda AZ-1

gull wing doors

Lamborghini Murcielago

vertical doors