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Very Complete Nitrous Kit

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7 February 2001
this is a super safe mega nitrous wet kit!!
This is a dual stage wet kit. It comes complete and ready to install. I have had this exact setup on my car since 2001. The car is VERY fast(11's in the 1/4) I am just moving to FI.

Parts list:
Nitrous Express Wet kit (retail $450)
polished 10lb bottle (retail $349)
billet aluminum bottle brackets (retail $249)
Nitrous express solenoids for nitrous and fuel, set of four (two come with kit, retail $100 ea)
Dual stage wet kit fogger nozzle (retail $100)
Single stage wet kit fogger nozzle ( comes with kit)
jets for 35,50,75 shots (retail $20 ea set)
inline nitrous filter and steel braided lines for n2o and fuel (retail $50, lines come with kit)
MSD Rpm window activation switch with 3000,5000 and 7000 pills (retail $49 per pack)
MSD Rpm activation switch (retail $100)
MSD tach driver (retail $79)
custom mount for MSD boxes (I made it out of 1/2" lexan)
Fuel pressure safety switch, NIB (retail $49)
WOT switch(comes with kit)
horn button ring kit for aftermarket steering wheel (retail $75)
Autometer nitrous pressure gauge (retail $248 with sender)
nitrous pressure gauge sending unit
Autometer AFR gauge (retail $100)
purge kit (retail $150)

Total if you made this kit new$2385.
My price:
$1000 for everything, buyer is responsible for shipping
Video of me with just the 50 shot back in 01here
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Zero 260 said:
What is the expected HP boost with this kit? and what do you expect the cost of install will run?
the hp will be whatever pill you pick. Currently I am running dual 50 shots, meaning I add approx. 100 hp. But I have jets to run a single 35,50,75 or dual of any of those. Jets are inexpensive(about $20) so pick the hp you want to add and boom, its done. I would imagine the install being anywhere from 150-800 depending on what level you pick and how expensive your installer is. I dont know, I installed it myself :cool:

You couldnt buy the kit and the polished bottle for $1000, much less with all of the added MSD pieces and gauges I added. This kit is complete, you wont need another item and its FAST! The car will come alive for sure :biggrin:
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