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Veterans Day Parade--San Diego--convertibles needed

7 December 2010
oceanside ca
Every year for the last several years I have volunteered to drive one of my cars in the San Diego Veterans Day Parade and carry a veteran or other "dignitary". This year there is apparently a shortage as witnessed by this email that I received:

Good Evening 2012 Veterans Day Parade Volunteers;

I am attaching the lot staging area and instructions for the day of the Parade. We are still putting the cars with riders and will get back to each of you this weekend with who is riding with you. We may not have names but we will have who they are. Because of the low number of vehicles in the parade and the high number of veterans asking to be in a Parade car, we may be asking if you can return to the lot for a second ride.

Please contact me if you are able to make a second trip.

With Respect and gratitude for making this one of the best parades.

After receiving the email I contacted Bill and asked if he would like additional volunteer convertible cars. His reply:

Hi Alan;

Yes, we can always use more.

Thanks for asking.

Bill Colford
2012 San Diego Veterans Parade

So........if you are available and would like to participate in the San Diego Veterans Day Parade which is 11/12/12 send me a PM and I will provide the form required to register/volunteer. :smile:
Alan, I have a question before I say I could drive my S2000. Well, make that couple of questions. Where does the Veteran sit? In the seat or up on the back somehow? Also, what time of day does someone need to show up?

A friend of mine happened to drive Danica Patrick in his S2000 in Las Vegas. She climbed across his trunk and dented it. :mad: Of course he's just SOL.
Hey, I'll be at the Oceanside Pier at 6 AM tomorrow (Sat. Nov 3rd) for the Bike The Coast ride. I'm doing 50 miles on my ElliptiGO but there are 11 of them doing the 100 miles. :eek:
They sit where YOU tell them---it's YOUR car

Patty, you are welcome to bring your S2K OR your NSX or anything with a top that goes down. Last year, Filner was my "rider". He chose to walk in front of the car with his entourage but his girlfriend SAT in the car with me. At the end of the parade he got in with her in his lap. When I reminded him that it was against the law he told me not to worry and that he would "take care of it" if I got a ticket. This year I've been assigned a Marine Drill Instructor from Pendleton. My cousin is driving his 73 Vette and his passenger is a Pearl Harbor survivor. I don't know what kind of a parade was held in Vegas but this is a Veteran's Day Parade and I think you can expect passengers with high moral integrity. :smile: