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vette story

6 March 2000
let me make it short and sweet, a cocky new vette owner got his ass handed back to him last night. I was a little suprised myself as I'm pretty sure his car should be quicker than my 91 (+Gruppe M's filter). Pulled on him on the straigtaways and KILLED him in the high speed corners. At then last light he looked a little suprised, especially when he ask what I had done to it "nothing just one of them air filters", I think he was embarrased as he flubbered a bit and replied with a "well, I'm only running on six cylinders" His motor sounded fine to me as he drove off, vette guys.
By the way those Prelude VTec's are fairly quick on the highway, I had one pestering me last night and at 200kph++ he was right on my ass, I mean I'd pull on him but if I let off for even a second he was right there. Hmm strange day I'm having when a prelude is as quick as a vette (top end). Later on I did get him at a light and left him for dust, only to pass a cop who luckily already had somebody pulled over for speeding, his head was down writing the ticket and he didn't even notice us, thank god I don't have exhaust done yet.
This is not a surprise. Most Vettes are over 5.2 (0-60mph) with the exeption of of the 6-speed C5 (4.7secs) and the ZR1 (4.8 secs)

Your 91 is a 5.7. So half a second comes down to driving style, stick Vs automatic etc. What year was his Vette? You mentioned it was new... If it's a C5 then you raced an auto because a 6 speed would have KILLED you in any gear.


94 Red & Tan NSX. One of 35 made that year.
The car was a C5 6-speed (i could tell from the shifts and chirps) and I realize that the car should beat mine, but the fact is I was ahead slightly on acceleration and killed him in the corners.
nsxtacy, thank you. My number is from Acura, so it may be conservative. My NSX is a 94 and it stays with my wife's M Coupe which is a 5.2, so that supports your statement.

At any rate Jon69 did well to beat a C5 6speed which is 4.7. However, if it got curvy, the NSX is hands down the faster car.

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd
I can easily believe that you beat the Vette. We have a radar gun at work that links to a laptop computer (same unit that all the magazines use, Stalker). I have a friend that is the manager of Strother Airfield and he lets us on the taxiways on Sunday to do a little autocrossing. We took the radar gun with the laptop out and did 0-60, 1/4 mile, 0-100 and tons of other tests to see exactly how fast our cars were. My best run (92 NSX, intake mods, springs, 265ZR rears) to 60 was 5.13 sec, 0-100=11.97 sec. and 1/4 was 13.31 at 108.9mph. A friend of a friend brought a 2000, 6 speed Vette and his best times were 5.23, 12.1, 13.45 at 106.2. The fastest car was my friends 95 Callaway Corvette (450 honest horsepower), his times were 4.0 flat, 0-100=9.1, 1/4 was 12.2 at 116 mph. Needless to say, I do not even race him on the street!
well I'm planing considerable mods soon so I'll be timing my car before I do so and try to get a stock dyno run (does anybody know of a Dyno in the Vancouver B.C. area?).
Let you all know how it goes.

by the way NSXER, nice to hear you beat your friends C5 times.